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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — The fast food burger chain Whataburger is once again expanding its presence in the Kansas City metro. 

On Monday, the Overland Park Planning Commission unanimously approved final site plans for two new Whataburger drive-thru locations. 

Applicant KMO Burger, LLC, which Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes invested in last month, is requesting permission to build a 3,821-square-foot restaurant at the northwest corner of West 115th Street and Nall Avenue in the Galleria 115 development. 

The proposal includes a 34-space parking lot and a drive-thru along Nall Avenue that will be screened by a three-foot wall. 

To the north, Whataburger Restaurants, LLC is proposing a slightly smaller restaurant at the southeast corner of West 95th Street and Metcalf Avenue.

The 3,751-square-foot restaurant would seat up to 106 guests and have a 38-space parking lot. The Whataburger drive-thru would be located along the north and west portion of the building and be screened by a landscaped hedge to prevent lights from shining onto Metcalf Avenue. 

According to city documents, based on a traffic study comparing the  previously approved land uses with the proposed project, overall daily trips are expected to decrease by roughly 212 trips.

Both proposals will move on to the Overland Park City Council for final approval.