Much remains up in the air for one of the Kansas City area’s longest-delayed projects. 

After nearly 17 years of planning for the redevelopment of the former Mission Mall property, the fate of Mission Gateway remains undetermined amid pending litigation and tax claims.

And city officials can only wait.

“The city is sort of out of it for now,” Mayor Sollie Flora said. “We’re monitoring the situation, but the litigation has to play out.” 

Under the latest plan, the developers were to receive as much as $22.5 million in special obligation bonds to support the development, but no incentives or bonds have been distributed for the project, which is off Shawnee Mission Parkway near Roe Avenue and Johnson Drive. 

“It’s not the outcome anyone would have wanted, but our efforts along the way have been to protect the city’s interest,” Flora said. “No incentives have gone out the door. We’ve been really careful in the redevelopment agreement process to protect the city’s interest as best we can.” 

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