14-year-old with cerebral palsy to run Hospital Hill with her doctor


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Ashlynn Miller makes cerebral palsy look good.

“Ashlynn, I think, exemplifies what we try to do in rehab medicine, and that’s inspire kids to do what they want to do,” Dr. Matthew McLaughlin said.

Ashlynn has traveled from Topeka to see Dr. McLaughlin for six years.

“We just clicked,” she said.

“We have run together in temperatures of 25 degrees to 95 degrees,” McLaughlin said. “Every year we’ve done together brings a different challenge. But Hospital Hill is especially difficult for us because of the amount of hills that are there is extremely challenging given Ashlynn’s cerebral palsy.”

The duo likes to set small goals along the route. But finishing – that’s the ultimate goal.

“The sense of accomplishment I get when I finish – it’s the best part of running,” Ashlynn said.

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