KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Baron BMW is sponsoring Project Roadblock and its mission to make the holiday party season a little safer for everyone. Project Roadblock is a joint effort between the Ad Council and NHTSA to run PSA’s during the holiday season when alcohol-impaired driving accounts for nearly one-third of motor vehicle crash fatalities.

Baron BMW is working with Project Roadblocks to get these PSAs on air, to warn more people about the dangers. Celebrate responsibly this holiday season and keep in mind that Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving. Call a friend, call an Uber, or call a taxi and make sure you and all your loved ones get home safely.

From everyone at Baron BMW, have a wonderful holiday and enjoy the New Year!

And keep your eyes open for a new way to recognize the amazing people who positively impact our lives. Baron BMW Cares launches in 2022 with your chance to honor their work. So start thinking about who you would nominate, from the local barista who knows your drink to the school crossing guard that always keeps your kid safe, we want to hear the positive stories in Kansas City!