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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City, Missouri, teen was scammed when she bought a car off Facebook Marketplace.

When FOX4 heard about her story, we jumped into action and got Cars 4 Heroes involved. Now she’s headed to college in her own car.

Eighteen-year-old Dacia Hindsman isn’t the kind of girl to ask for help. Her family said she’s a go-getter who’s worked for every opportunity she’s had in her life. So when she got scammed buying a car, it couldn’t come at a worse time — right before she was leaving for college.

Hindsman was valedictorian this year at Paseo Academy and also received an associate of arts degree from Metropolitan Community College through their Early College Academy. She earned several scholarships through Pave the Way, an after school program that helps students get ready for higher education. She also participated in track and field, receiving a number of medals.

“It was very hard trying to get all the work done and submit applications, but I made sure to do it because at the end it will be worth it,” Hindsman said.

She’s also quite the entrepreneur. Hindsman runs her own lawn service business called Dacia’s Cutz. She started cutting neighbors lawns when she was about 10. She and her sister, Dajaun Hindsman, also started their own clothing line, Mood Attire.

Hindsman saved up her money from the scholarships she received, her lawn cutting business, and clothing line for a car she could take to college. Her family said she would often not buy things she wanted, thinking instead of the future and what she needed.

“Instead of spending my money on Nike shoes and other things, I decided to save it up for a car so I have transportation for college,” Hindsman said.

Unfortunately, she got scammed. The car she bought on Facebook Marketplace looked good on the outside, but underneath, her mechanic told her it was a mess.

“He went under it and started crumbling the pieces under the car, and it started showing me how badly damaged it was,” Hindsman said.

When FOX4 heard what happened we reached out to Cars 4 Heroes. Hindsman’s dad served in the Navy years ago. The organization not only helps veterans in need, but their families as well.

When they heard about Hindsman’s situation, they stepped up and got her a car the next day.

FOX4 and Cars 4 Heroes’ Brian Christenson surprised her with the car outside of her house Wednesday.

“Car Santa has gifted you a car because you are so deserving of this, and I am so incredibly proud of you. I want to say I’m so excited for your new journey going to college in this car,” FOX4 said.

“She’s going to college, that’s great. We don’t get to do that a whole lot. It’s fantastic that she’s going to go and better her life and continue on,” Christenson said.

Her family is overjoyed that her hard work didn’t go to waste, and she will be in a safe, reliable car while she’s studying hard away from her family.

“For her to be only 18 and have that heart and that mind and the drive to accomplish those things, she’s not one to be deterred from her dreams,” her sister Dajaun said.

“Overjoyed and elated. It is a true blessing, true blessing to know that there is still good out there no matter what you go through,” her mom Kissy McCain said.

“Thank you,” Hindsman said.

Now she’s really going places in her new car all the way to college. Hindsman hopes her story will remind everyone to thoroughly get cars checked before you buy them.

She will be studying business and running track at Langston University in Oklahoma. She hopes to start her own business after college and be in a place to give back to her community.