KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City leaders say they’re determined to plant more trees to increase the city’s tree canopy.

The fiscal year 2023-2024 budget includes $1 million to add 10,000 trees across the city over the next three years.

That includes providing free trees for Kansas City residents and business owners to plant on their properties. Kansas City said this is the first time Kansas City will plant trees on private property with city-funded support.

As part of the Canopy Cover KC initiative, the city will provide up to two trees and help residents better understand where to plant them for maximum energy savings.

It only takes a few minutes to reserve your free trees online, and there are options to have them dropped off this fall or pick them up at a special event. You must have a Kansas City address.

The city said there are still over 200 trees available in the fall campaign, but the city’s website shows the species left are limited.

If you miss out this fall, don’t worry. A city spokesperson said there will be future rounds of free trees each spring and fall through 2026, pending council approval for funding.