OLATHE, Kan. — The Johnson County Library is eliminating overdue fines in a push to remove barriers and improve access, it says.

In a release, Johnson County Library said the move is part of a nationwide trend.

The library system said it will no longer fine anyone for returning books, games, movies or other items past their due dates. The library is also forgiving unpaid fines currently on accounts.

Items will still have a due date, and patrons will still be expected to return them in a timely manner.

The library said studies show late fines aren’t effective and stop people from using the library. Other libraries that have gone fine-free have seen increased usage and reported few issues.

While it will no longer have fines, Johnson County Library said it will continue to issue fees, which come when materials are lost or damaged. However, the library does plan to waive unpaid fees that are over seven years old.