Join the battle against brain tumors with the Head for the Cure 5K


This weekend you can help fight the battle against brain tumors by grabbing your sneakers and heading to Corporate Woods in Overland Park for the 19th Annual Head for the Cure 5K Run/Walk. For more than 19 years the Head for the Cure Foundation has been making a difference for brain tumor patients in Kansas City, and it’s events like the 5K that have made it possible for them to fund initiatives like the brain tumor clinic at KU Cancer Center.

In addition, to events, the organization relies on donors and one of their largest is also the chairman of the foundation, Harry Campbell. He has a personal connection to the fight against brain tumors. His wife is a survivor, and through a series of books and corporate speeches, Harry Campbell has directed over $500,000 to Head for the Cure through a series of books and corporate speeches over the past few years. 

When asked what he would tell others battling brain tumors, he said, “Keep hope. Hope is an amazing thing … We are making progress and we will find a cure.”


Who does Head for the Cure Foundation serve?

The Head for the Cure Foundation serves brain tumor and brain cancer patients, caregivers, loved ones and the medical community researching and treating brain tumor diseases in the Kansas City area, and across the county. 

What is your mission statement?

The mission of Head for the Cure is to raise awareness and funding to inspire hope for the community of brain cancer patients, their families, friends, caregivers and other supporters, while celebrating their courage, spirit and energy. 

How is the current health crisis impacting your operation?

Certainly the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted Head for the Cure in profound ways. First, many patients we support, who are managing and/or seeking  treatment protocols, have had to adjust to telemedicine and other virtual treatments. Secondly, our primary fundraising platforms are convening events, especially our signature 5k Run/Walks in Kansas City and 28 other cities around the country. Throughout 2020 and early-2021, we adjusted to virtual 5k events, and just recently returned to in-person 5ks, with the Kansas City event on August 29, our largest in-person 5k. While support for the virtual events has been stronger than expected, our participation and fundraising results have been down approximately 30% from 2019, when our in-person events were fully operational. 

What services are you providing?

Head for the Cure delivers its mission through three primary strategic efforts: 1) Building Awareness for a disease that is not widely known and needs advancements in treatments to help patients; 2) Raising Funds through 5K run/walk events and other fundraising events and campaigns to support clinical research and programs; and 3) Igniting Hope for all who have faced this disease. Further detail on how these strategies are delivered is detailed at:

How can the community help?

Head for the Cure operates through grass roots participation and volunteering in our 5k Run/Walk events, and other fundraising and community convening events.  Through these fundraising efforts, Head forthe Cure supports clinical research and patient programs at local brain cancer clinics and foundations and nationally at the Brain Tumor Trials Collaborative. Fundraising includes some of the following:

·         5K Events hosted across the country

·         Grassroots fundraising efforts

·         Celebration of Life donations

·         National and local sponsorships

What other information would you like to share with KC viewers?

Through these live spotlights, we would like to focus on the longevity and impact Head for the Cure has made for brain tumor patients in the KC area over 19 years, with particular focus on funding the brain tumor clinic at KU Cancer Center.   We want to drive interest and registration for our 19th Annual Head forthe Cure 5k Run/Walk on Sunday, August 29 at Corporate Woods in Overland Park.  

Secondly, we would like one of the segments to highly our largest donor, Harry Campbell and his Get Real Leadership franchise.  Through a series of books and corporate speeches, Harry Campbell has directed over $500,000 to Head for the Cure through a series of books and corporate speeches over the past few years.  Harry has been on the Head for the Cure Foundation Board of Directors since 2007, and is currently Chairman of the HFTC Executive Committee. 

For more information on Head for the Cure, visit or


Twitter:      @headforthecure; @BrainsCure

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