KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Hallmark and H&R block are getting new titles.

Indeed released its first-ever list of “Top Twenty Companies for Work Wellbeing” and some Kansas City companies took a place on the list.

Kansas City-headquartered companies Hallmark and H&R Block made the list along with other companies across the United States.

The companies on the list are hiring in cities and states across the United States and are based on the largest study of workplace wellbeing by millions of employees, or how employees feel at work.

The post-COVID-19 pandemic environment has altered the nature of work, with modern job seekers putting more importance than ever before on their work well-being rather than salaries and job titles, according to Indeed.

Some of the other companies that made Indeed’s list are companies like Apple, Dutch Bros, Disney, Delta Airlines and others.

H&R block came in at number 2 on the list and Hallmark came in at number 14. To see the full list of Top Twenty Companies for Work Wellbeing, click here.