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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Rest assured, her heart will not grow three sizes, but Whiskers Cat Cafe is still asking someone to adopt this Persian ‘Grinch’ cat.

In a brutally honest Instagram post, the cafe lays out all of the downsides to adopting the feline, whose actual name is Percy.

“For the last 12 days we’ve been letting this grinch acclimate to life on the inside. Make no mistake, she is a prison princess,” the post begins.

Her rescuers go on to say that Percy prefers human interaction, but will not tolerate other animals. Not even a little bit.

“Under no circumstances does she wish to meet or live with another animal. It’s absurd that you would even ask. Don’t come at us with stories about your ancient cat loving chihuahua. She will murder you and your entire family for getting that thing near her. If you even suggest she can cohabitate with your other precious Persian she will curse you like that awesome witch from “Into the Woods”. Long story short, you will not convince us to let you try,” the post reads.

Percy also has a taste for the finer things in life.

“Be aware that she needs special comforts. She has demands and she is not afraid to say them loudly out loud. She needs those fancy eye wipes for white, long haired, short nosed cats. She needs someone who will gasp at the glory of her grinch toes. She needs brush outs, blow outs, princess level pampering, heating pads, and the orthopedic foam in her own bed. And that’s just her baseline.”

Percy came to Whiskers Cat Cafe through the Kansas City Pet Project, who acquired her from a rescue in Joplin, Mo.

Her caregivers say she’s “incredibly particular” and really does love human affection, but is just not good with other animals or children.

If you want to apply to be Percy’s one and only caregiver, you can do so by scheduling a visit to Whisker’s Cat Cafe or emailing them at

You can learn more about Whiskers Cat Cafe here.