KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City couple just hit the genetic lottery when they welcomed newborn triplets this week.

Adrienne Blenford and dad Alim are now the proud parents of naturally conceived triplets — who could be identical as well.

The couple, who already had four children, are now parents to seven and a family of nine.

The three girls were born Tuesday at 30 weeks at Kansas City’s University Health.

“Every week extra you get reduces those complications of prematurity, so 30 weeks is great compared to 28 weeks,” University Health’s Dr. Joshua Petrikin said. 

Two of the girls, Leilani and Khelani, weighed more than 3 pounds. E’Mani weighed 2 pounds, 12 ounces.

Doctors said the triplets shared a placenta, which is typically indicative of identical triplets. But that’s not always the case since placentas can fuse together during pregnancy sometimes.

Regardless, this Kansas City family considers this trio a miracle. 

“It’s new, but it’s really exciting,” Adrienne Blenford said. “I can feel the love from all of the babies.”

The babies are still receiving care at University Health’s neonatal intensive care unit.

Mom Adrienne Blenford welcomed triplets that could be identical this week.

“I just let them know mommy’s here,” Blenford said, “and that I can feel them and then I let them know of course that I love them.”

Blenford said the girls were on oxygen when they were born, but two of them are already breathing on their own. She said the triplets can also already hold her pinky finger and have a good grip.

“They all respond to me,” Blenford said. “Yesterday, they were all crying, but when I held them, they kind of calmed down and just laid on me and rested. So it felt good.”

The Kansas City mom said she’s getting in as much time with all of them as possible.

The triplets’ grandma, Yolanda Williams, said she’s proud of her daughter. Williams said she’ll never forget finding out her daughter was having triplets. 

“When she told me I thought she was joking,” Williams said. “Like, are there cameras outside?”

But these triplets are no joke. Blenford found out she was having three babies during her pregnancy.

“I was definitely scared, especially when they said it went from two heads to three,” Blenford said.

With four kids, ages eight to nine months, at home already, the Blenfords are already taking babysitter applications — but you might have to beat grandma to it.

“It’s just going to see how wonderful to see how when they get home, how we’re going to be able to tell them apart, you know, and just all the experience at one time, with all three of them since we already have a baby,” Blenford said.

“It’s just going to see how interesting to see how busy we are. I think that’s the best part.”

Blenford hopes to be going home in the next day or two. She said the girls will be in the NICU a little longer, for about a month.