KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Over the weekend, the Kansas City community got a first look at all 40 designs for this year’s Parade of Hearts.

It’s a community event that brings people together through art. For the second year, artists have brought their visions to life on a massive KC heart.

On Saturday, organizers held a public event to reveal the hearts.

“I just think it’s important to uplift the local arts community, and this is a great way to do that,” artist Ivey Zoellers said.

Zoellers is just one of 40 artists displaying her design in this year’s Parade of Hearts.

“The power of art, I mean, it’s kind of like music,” Lavon Colhour with Parade of Hearts said. “It just brings others together. Everyone has their own perspective of what it looks like, and everyone has their own voice.”

The event celebrates diversity, brings people together, and supports local nonprofits. Money raised from the Parade of Hearts will benefit The University of Kansas Health System, Children’s Miracle Network and The Family Conservancy. Last year, the event raised over $2.5 million.

“Oh, it means a lot because the artists have put so much energy and joy into all these pieces here, so I think it’s for a good purpose,” attendee Aareyona Gumby said.

From nods to the Super Bowl Champions to eclectic and funky designs, there’s a heart for everyone to enjoy.

“My favorite one is the one with Len Dawson on one side and they got Pat Mahomes and Andy Reid on the other side,” attendee Steven Gumby said.

Starting this week, the hearts will initially be located at large events around Kansas City so visitors can see them easily. The Parade of Hearts is calling these “Phase 1″ locations,” and the event’s app will be updated Wednesday with their first locations.

Then after the NFL Draft, starting the week of May 1, hearts will be relocated to their “Phase 2” locations across the Kansas City area. The app will be updated again to reflect the new locations.

Organizers said hearts will stay up longer into the summer this year. They won’t start removing them until after the Fourth of July.

Then in August, the Parade of Hearts will have an online auction, raising money for those three nonprofits.