KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City nonprofit got a big boost thanks to federal and state leaders.

U.S. Congressman Emanuel Cleaver II and State Sen. Greg Razer each presented a check to the Mattie Rhodes Center on Wednesday.

Razer secured $500,000 from the Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Revenue Replacement Fund, and Cleaver presented $1,259,000 in Community Project Funding for the center.

The Mattie Rhodes Center has been serving people in the Kansas City area for over 125 year through social services, counseling and the arts.

The nonprofit will use the additional funding for renovations outside and inside to make sure the center is safe and inviting for everyone.

“This is one of those institutions that we’re investing in. I look at who’s sitting next to me, and I see your city, your state and your federal government looking at you, recognizing you and investing in you,” Razer said.

“We’ve seen major change in our city, and we’re about to see more. We have to make sure that every community, including this one, is included.”

Mattie Rhodes Center leaders said the funding will help them with their mission to serve people in the Kansas City community.