KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City-area mother won a national contest for her unique idea: a clothing line for babies with special needs.

Kylie Clark’s son, Red, has club feet and wore casts over his lefts for the first 10 weeks of his life. Normal onesies didn’t fit over the cases, so Clark had to cut off the legs.

A hairstylist by trade, Clark decided to take matters into her own hands.

She created her own clothing line with a zipper in the inseam to make the clothing more accessible to babies with special needs.

“I was just searching the web, trying to find these items because I’m like, ‘This would change my life if I could just make it a little more accessible,'” she said.

“I spent hours and hours trying to find these clothes online, and they’re just not out there. So I thought, shoot, I’m just gonna make them.”

Clark partnered with a clothing maker in California to design the line, and then she entered her idea in a Vanity Fair contest for women entrepreneurs.

She was one of five national winners and won a $5,000 grant. That money is now being used to make her first run of accessible baby clothing.

You can learn more on Clark’s website.