KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A Kansas City woman is grateful for two men she says saved her from a dangerous situation. She had a medical emergency behind the wheel, and strangers came to her rescue.

Those good Samaritans are with Kansas City, Kansas, Public Schools. They were fixing the fence at a preschool near 59th Street and Parallel Parkway when they heard someone honking.

“I just started honking the horn, and I put on my hazard lights,” DeAundra Gates said.

Gates has Ménière’s disease, which causes episodes of vertigo or spinning. That happened while she was driving down Parallel Parkway last week.

“The vertigo got really, really intense, and I couldn’t keep the car straight,” she said.

Meanwhile, Reggie Byers and Curtis Boykin were working up the street with KCK Public Schools’ grounds and labor department.

“She rolled the window down, stuck her hand out,” Boykin said. “We thought she was waving. She wasn’t waving. She was telling us to come out. So then we went on over.”

They quickly figured out something was wrong.

Gates couldn’t feel her arm, and her chest was tightening up. Byers and Boykin called an ambulance and never left her side. They even flagged down a KCKPS police officer who blocked traffic.

“(They) called 911, sat there with me, prayed with me,” Gates said. “I was not OK at that point. I thought I was going to die.”

Thankfully, Gates is out of the hospital and doing better.

She even got to meet her heroes again, thanking them for helping her that day.

“(We) did what we were supposed to do, I mean, just natural sense,” Byers said. “I mean, could be your mom, your daughter, your sister, you know, family member.”

Byers even moved Gates’ car to the parking lot so she wouldn’t get towed.

“All that time I was in the hospital, I was like, ‘I don’t even know where my car is,'” Gates said. “But it was locked up, parked beautifully.”

Gates is grateful these men came to her rescue when vertigo hit. She knows when it comes to blessings, what goes around comes around.

And if you’re wondering, after all they did for Gates, the two men still managed to go back to work and finish the fence.

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