KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Local animal shelters have been sounding the alarm about being too full to take in animals, so one teenager spent the last year trying to help.

On Wednesday, he shared the results of his work with KC Pet Project.

Seventeen-year-old Jack Adel spent months going around the state to raise awareness and funds for the “Keep ‘Em Together, KC” fund at KC Pet Project.

It helps pet owners keep their pets instead of surrendering them due to financial difficulties. The fund helps pay for vaccinations, a pet deposit on a new lease or temporary fostering.

“It’s really a huge program that is so desperately needed right now in our community,” said Tori Fugate, spokesperson for KC Pet Project. “People every day come to us needing help and assistance with their pets.”

Adel raised over $5,000 in cash and donated goods for the program and the shelter.

KC Pet Project said the fundraising campaign has also led to other shelters around the state creating similar programs.