KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Homeowners and organizations have the chance to make some major upgrades — for free.

It’s part of the new ReBuild KC Neighborhood Grants program.

The program will use money the federal government gave to state and local leaders through the American Rescue Plan to finance different improvements throughout the community.

The application process is now open to everyone. Grants range in size depending on requests, need and the availability of funds.

“We welcome projects of all sizes, whether it’s something small as a tree planting or park bench installation to something as large as a new building with 500 affordable housing units,” Forest Decker, Neighborhood Services Director, said. “All we ask is your project clearly demonstrate a benefit to Kansas Citians.” 

The money will only be spent in Kansas City and must benefit the community.

“I want Kansas City residents to know we’re listening to them and are actively working to prioritize their ideas into our planning so we can do our part to make neighborhoods even more vibrant and active,” Brian Platt, City Manager, said. 

Those who are interested can share the details of their ideas to be considered for a grant. Projects selected for further considerations may be asked for additional information.