OLATHE, Kan. — An incredible new display is now calling the Olathe Library home.

On Tuesday, the library unveiled a glass sculpture designed by Paul Darrell and created by local artist Tyler Kimball. The 16-foot, 3,000 pound statue is made with 220 glass spires.

The sculpture was dedicated in the memory of late Olathe Mayor Mike Copeland, who died in 2020 at the age of 58.

Leopold Gallery President Paul Dorrell said this sculpture is a perfect tribute for the late mayor.

“He radiated kindness and radiated joy without limit. He was inspiring a lot of people. We all miss him greatly,” Dorrell said. “He was a great client of mine for over 20 years. And we wanted to do something that was a sublet tribute to Mike.”

The artists did have a name for the work, so they now appropriately call it “Prairie Paintbrush.”

If you want to see the statue, you can find it outside the Olathe Library on 260 E. Santa Fe St.