KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Our nonprofit spotlight today is going to the dogs … as in greyhounds. KC REGAP or Kansas City Retired Greyhounds as Pets is working to find homes for these dogs. FOX4’s Kathy Quinn was live from the Olathe Community Center where REGAP is holding a walk.


Kansas City Retired Greyhounds as Pets

Who does your organization serve?

Kansas City Retired Greyhounds as Pets (KCREGAP) is dedicated to finding loving homes for greyhounds and greyhound mixes. 

Some of these dogs have been in the racing industry and others have come from backyard breeders, animal shelters or other rescue groups.

What is your mission statement:

To find for as many greyhounds as possible – without consideration for age, health, disabilities or circumstances – their forever homes while maintaining a high-quality of care, safe and superior housing and appropriate adoption standards.

How is the current health crisis impacting your operation?

The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to adapt from having in-person indoor meet and greets with our adoptable dogs and pre-adoption home visits to doing meetings outside and virtually. We have resumed in person meet and greets indoors at local pet supply stores but if the weather allows it, we are continuing to have some outside. 

We are now doing a mix of in-person and virtual pre-adoption home visits.

In the first year of the pandemic, KCREGAP saw an increase in adoptions and that number has dropped to about what we average in a normal year: 63 dogs were adopted in 2020 (compared to 39 in 2019) and 45 dogs were adopted last year.

What services are you providing?

The dogs coming to our group receive verterinary care (spaying/neutering, dental cleanings and any other unmet medical needs) and support to both the dogs and the foster families who take care of them. We serve as a continual source of support and information for our adoptive families when they first adopt and for the life of their greyhound.

We advocate for the humane treatment of greyhounds and an end to greyhound racing and have presented testimony at the Kansas Statehouse related to this.

How can the community help: volunteering, donating goods, event participation and how will monetary donations be used?

Currently, we are in great need of foster families. Since we have no physical location, our aim is to get all dogs coming to our group into foster homes as soon as possible. If we had more foster families, we’d be able to rescue more dogs.

Email clubgreyhound@gmail.com for more info or visit kcregap.org for more info.

Donations are always appreciated! Donations can be made at kcregap.org/donate

Our entire group is made of volunteers. Donations go to the veterinary care, transport and food for dogs coming to KCREGAP.

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