INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — In today’s Nonprofit Spotlight we’re learning more about a local nonprofit called This Little Light. It is a relatively young organization that was born from a woman’s battle against breast cancer. It starts with something as simple as a pillow that they deliver to support breast cancer patients to efforts to educate women and men on mammograms and to help those just beginning their fight.

To help their mission, please visit to learn more and donate.


Who does your organization serve? 

Women fighting or surviving breast cancer and caregivers who are caring for a loved one with chronic or disabling conditions.

What is your mission statement? 

To promote Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer awareness and education; to help support women move through diagnosis, treatments and life after ALL breast cancers; and support caregivers who are caring for a loved one with chronic or disabling conditions.

What is currently impacting your operation?  

  • 10-15% of ALL Breast Cancers are Invasive Lobular (the understudied disease-more research is needed so these women aren’t treated like the other 85-90% of breast cancers) 
  • 1 in 8 women will develop Breast Cancer in her lifetime (regardless of race, ethnicity, etc.,)
  • 1 in 4 women are caregivers

What services are you providing? 

  • Comfort pillows to women coming out of surgery or treatments.
  • Mini Wellness Retreats (partnered w/aNu Aesthetics for a day of self-care, healthy meals, wellness discussions w/a doctor, 3 treatments and a community of women going thru the same experiences – for both breast cancer fighters/survivors and caregivers.
  • Peer Support for both newly diagnosed breast cancer patients or caregivers.
  • Speaking to groups to educate in either breast cancer or caregiving (neighborhood HOA’s, business groups, professional organizations, etc.)   

How can the community help: volunteering, donating goods, event participation and how will monetary donations be used? 

Our dream list of future services is endless, but we are in the infancy stages of our nonprofit and would love to:

  • Get our name on the radar of the Kansas City Community to let them know we are here and ready to assist breast cancer fighters and survivors as well as caregivers.  
  • As we start having fundraiser events and donor appreciation events, volunteers will be needed and they can reach out to us on our website to let us know which area they would like to help with.  
  • Monetary donations are what we really need at the moment to jumpstart all we want to do.  They would be used to: 
  • Help with our Marketing Plan to reach as many as we can
  • Website revisions
  • Setting up scholarships for medical bills & kid’s college funds (where mom’s have had to use $ on their own health, but not be able to send a child to college because the funds just aren’t there due to her disease or time away from caregiving and not being able to work)
  • Direct donations for Invasive Lobular Cancer research (ILC makes up 15% of breast cancer diagnoses, but only receives less than 1% of breast cancer funding.  This type of breast cancer isn’t treated any differently than the more common ductal breast cancer, even though lobular breast cancer is REALLY different-it’s the “sneaky” one…it grows in lines, not lumps.  Most aren’t found until they are Stage 4 metastasized. Today hundreds of thousands of women are living with the uncertainty of lobular breast cancer – terrified of a recurrence or a metastasis or worse)
  • Purchasing supplies for more comfort pillows, our 5th annual Mini Wellness Retreat and much more.  

We want to be the go-to resource to offer comfort, courage and joy as women go thru the difficulties that come with having a breast cancer diagnosis or caring for a loved one.