KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A local nonprofit plans to preserve Walt Disney’s first studio located in Kansas City, this time by capturing its history on film.

Thank You Walt Disney Inc. has received a $5,000 grant from Missouri Humanities to produce a film about the Laugh-O-gram studio, Disney’s first professional animation office.

A local donor will also match the $5,000 grant to support the organization’s film.

Thank You Walt Disney Inc. said it will use the film to educate local and national communities about the Laugh-O-gram studio’s role in animation history.

“This grant will not only allow us to creatively shine the spotlight on Laugh-O-gram’s historical significance, but also showcase how Kansas City has been, and remains at the forefront of innovation,” Dan Viets, president of Thank You Walt Disney Inc., said in a release.

The Laugh-O-gram studio was located at McConahay Building at 31st Street and Forest Avenue. Disney started the studio there in 1922 and, with animator Ub Iwerks, conceived the idea for Mickey Mouse.

Over 100 years later, Thank You Walt Disney Inc. is working to redevelop the historic building, including an immersive museum, theater, teaching facility, co-working space and more.