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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Northland family is counting their blessings after their truck flipped on the highway, and nobody was hurt. Now, the family is searching for four Good Samaritans who stopped to help.

Brandon Ford swears by his Chevy truck, “Old Red.”

“I’m just glad she still runs,” Ford said. “Especially laying on the drivers side, it didn’t even break the mirror.”

Ford, his son Nate and Nate’s friend drove Old Red down northbound Interstate 435 in the rain. While merging onto westbound Highway 152, the truck flipped.

“I was only doing maybe 30-35 (mph), and I just spun out and I did two donuts, and then my tires started skidding and then I flipped right on over,” Ford said.

“Everything felt like slow motion,” Nate said.

Four people pulled over to assist, including two best friends with medical backgrounds. Seeing that first responders had not yet arrived, they felt a heavy pull to stop and help.

“My best friend who’s 6 foot and got legs for days took off running, and I caught up with her,” good Samaritan Rabecca Smith said. “We noticed that the gentleman in the truck was helping two other people on top of the truck get out.”

They got everyone out of the truck, and nobody was hurt.

A tow truck driver told Ford that crashes happen there all the time.

“He’s there at least once a week,” Ford said.

It’s nickname is “Dead Man’s Curb.”

Ford would like to see guardrails or some safety measure put in to prevent more dangerous situations.

“I’m just grateful for everybody that stopped and helped,” Ford said.

Smith looked after the boys while Ford talked to police.

“I offered them to sit in my car because the boys were shivering; it was cold,” Smith said. “They were like, ‘No, we’ve got to just stay here with Dad.’ And I commend them making sure their dad’s OK.”

That care and concern meant a lot to Nate’s mom. She posted on Facebook, hoping to find the good Samaritans and thank them.

“That could’ve been a lot worse,” Nate said.

They found two of them, including Smith, but are still looking for two more. This almost horrifying situation has sparked a friendship.

“My client’s mom sent me the post, and I was like, ‘Awe,'” Smith said.

She humbly acknowledged her actions and hopes other strangers would make the same selfless move.

“They had an angel on their shoulder. Just pay it forward anytime you can,” Smith said.