OAK GROVE, Mo. — A Missouri boy is using his talents to give back to the community in hopes of helping other children who find themselves in similar situations.

Luca Licata is a third grader at Oak Grove Elementary School.

He suffered from Bells Palsey when he was in Kindergarten. An ambulance transported the little boy to Children’s Mercy Hospital.

Licata said he was scared in the ambulance, but said emergency crews gave him a special stuffed animal to hold, making the ride better.

He started painting rocks to raise money. The money he makes is donated to the Sni Valley Fire Protection District and Oak Grove Police Department.

“I donate a thousand dollars to both of them, then they can buy something they couldn’t buy with the payment they get,” Licata said.

He’s already donated more than $1,400 to the departments.

His goal is to see every ambulance stocked with stuffed animals for other kids who may need them.

“When an elementary school kid shows up with money to help out because they felt that calling, it’s a game changer for us because … It may not buy a fire truck, but it does just as much impact as that,” Chief Jason Barnett, Sni Valley Fire Protection District, said.

Licata will be selling his decorative rocks at the 61st Annual Gem and Mineral Show. The show is March 10-12 at the KCI Expo Center.

His goal is to make $20,000 to donate to the two departments.