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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — A woman in Overland Park is trying to find a quilt made by her late grandmother and accidentally donated to City Thrift last month.

Diana Reese said the quilt is irreplaceable.

“It means to me so much more to me than just fabric and thread. It was made with love,” Reese said. “I was only 9 [when she died] so I don’t have many memories of her actually. The quilt is almost what I remember.”

The special hand-sewn and embroidered quilt was made between the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. Its detail includes 50 quilt blocks with state flowers over a blue background.

Reese said it was mistakenly put in donation pile by the family and eventually sold last month.

She’s hoping the community can track down the quilt.

“It feels like losing her all over again, and I feel like she would be so disappointed in me. It was my dad’s mom. He’s been gone 23 years. I just feel he would be so disappointed that this happened,” Reese said.

A City Thrift spokesperson told FOX4 they would need to know the name of the customer or exact date and time when the item was sold in order to track it down.

The thrift store is helping in the efforts by displaying flyers on their registers.

Reese is offering a $500 reward to have the quilt returned.

You can contact her at or call City Thrift at 913-689-3770 if you have information.