KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The latest designs to put a massive urban park over a busy interstate in the middle of downtown will be revealed.

Groups involved in the plans for the South Loop Park Project will release the plans during a public meeting Tuesday evening.

The initial concepts are all based on ideas submitted by people who attended planning sessions several weeks ago.

Those involved with the plan to build a roof over Interstate 670 from Wyandotte to Grand say the majority of the responses want the four-block urban park to be quiet and peaceful. They want it to be a safe area to walk, have lunch, and just be able to enjoy the outdoors.

Other people want it to also include entertainment options including public art, an area for food trucks, cafes, small businesses, and a stage.

The plan is to add a large roof over 670 on the south side of the downtown loop. Traffic will continue to have access to the highway, it will just be under the park.

Port KC, the Downtown Council and Kansas City, Missouri, are leading the project. They want it to also reduce urban blight, noise, and pollution downtown.

The estimated price tag on the project is expected to be around $200 million. More than $45 million has already been raised for the project, including a $10 million donation from H&R Block.

The goal is to have the urban park completed before the World Cup comes to Kansas City in 2026.

Tuesday’s meeting is scheduled to begin at 5 p.m. at The Gallery. That is located at 61 East 14th Street in Kansas City, Missouri.