How can I get my school/organization listed on Total Closings?
To find out how our Total Closings system works, CLICK HERE.

How can I get a waiver to receive FOX4 through my satellite provider?
You can request a satellite waiver to receive FOX 4 through your satellite provider. The Satellite Home Viewer Act requires satellite carriers to request waivers on behalf of their customers.

Who can I contact about Closed Captioning?
You can find information on Closed Captioning questions here.

Does FOX 4 offer donations for charitable events?
To request a donation, send a letter on organization letterhead to the attention of Carrie Hibbeler.

How do I submit a pre-produced Public Service Announcement to air on FOX4?

Email a previewable link to Michele Allen or Carrie Hibbeler. or

PSA Criteria
-Broadcast Quality with no for-profit logos
-HD Quicktime H2.64, Apple Pro Res, or Mp4
-:10, :15, :20, :30, or :60 lengths

Does FOX4 offer tours?
We do not offer organized tours of the station to outside groups nor can we allow groups to view newscasts that are being taped.

I missed a report, how can I get a copy of it?
You can purchase copies of newscasts through Media Library, Inc. at (816) 931-4330 or

How can I request a reporter/photographer/anchor/meteorologist to come speak to my group?
You can request a speaker through our Speaker’s Bureau. Your request must meet these requirements:

  • Must be sent in writing on organization letterhead via fax to: Kim Stripling, (816) 932-9221 or by filling out this form.
  • Must be sent in one (1) month in advance
  • Must provide date, time, location, length of appearance, speaker’s responsibilities, number of people attending and contact person, phone number and address.

There was a product recall reported on FOX4, how can I get more information?
Product recalls can be found online at

How can I request a copy of FOX program or sporting event?
Unfortunately, FOX does not release copies of programs or sporting events.

How can I contact someone at FOX network TV program?
Visit to find out more information on FOX network TV programs.

Does FOX4 broadcast HDTV?
On September 23, 2005 WDAF began broadcasting in full power HDTV (1000kW) on Channel 34. With our top-mounted antenna located at 1160 ft. on our tower, (3030 Summit, Kansas City, MO) our coverage area is 50-60 miles.

How do I submit something for the Community Calendar ?
You may submit an event for free at

How do I submit a child’s picture for First Birthdays?
If you’d like to submit a 1st birthday picture, submit it here:

  • Submit the picture the week before you want it to air.
  • If you missed your baby’s first birthday appearance on the weekend morning show, call Media Library, Inc. at (816) 931-4330. Let them know when the picture ran on the show and they can get you a copy of the newscast. They will charge you for the copy, so we recommend you tape the live broadcast.

Can you announce my anniversary/birthday on air?
Although we’d love to announce everybody’s birthday/anniversary on air, there isn’t enough time in the day to cover everyone in our viewing area.

Where can I send a press release to the newsroom?
Fax press releases to 816-561-4181 or e-mail it to the News department.

Do you offer internships?
For information on internships, click here.

How can I get my event covered in the news?
The best way to contact the News Department is by e-mail.
You can also mail information on your event to our News Department at the following address:
3030 Summit
Kansas City, MO 64108
You can also fax the information to 816-561-4181.

I’m interested in having FOX4 sponsor my event. Who should I contact?
For sponsorships, send your request on organization letterhead to the attention of Carrie Hibbeler. Be sure to include all the pertinent information concerning the event and what would be expected of FOX 4 as sponsors. Letters can be faxed to 816-531-4444 or mailed to the station at:
3030 Summit
Kansas City, MO 64108

Please note, FOX4 does not participate in monetary sponsor/donation requests.

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