The 1st 8 days of the month are running 5° above average…pretty impressive and we’re going to guarantee ourselves, considering what’s ahead for the next 10+ days, an above average month of temperatures. There should be some cold fronts but at his point, at least for awhile, those don’t appear much of a Canadian/Arctic connection locally at least.

That means that despite some chillier mornings, there will still be days near or above 70° down the road, which climatologically is getting tougher to do towards and after mid month.

The pattern, as mentioned over the past few days remains very dry…and that won’t change for awhile it appears, as we await to see if there will be some sort of storm coming our way towards next weekend.


One sentence forecast: Lots of clouds today with some milky sunshine and cooler conditions



Today: Mostly cloudy and cooler with highs in the mid to upper 50s

Tonight: Fair skies and chilly with lows in the 30° range

Tomorrow: Mostly sunny and seasonable with highs in the mid 50s

Saturday: Partly cloudy and seasonable with highs in the upper 50s

Sunday: Milder with highs in the lower 60s



While the weather is calm…it’s getting tougher and tougher each night to come up with something sort of exciting to talk about on the weather front.

Which is great for those folks who have to work outside during this time of the year…each night as I head south from Downtown and drive through the construction on 69 highway, I’m reminded about that as they work most of the night on building that road. The weather has been mostly cooperative in the road construction business around these parts as well as other outdoor needs that have to get done.

This won’t change. I don’t want to rehash everything from the past few blogs…nothing has really change, and we’ll be watching next week a system in the Pacific that may affect us later next week into next weekend.

What this storm will will is start out California’s wet season again. They’re starting to have some fire issues develop with increasing winds. This system looks like a wet one there. It’s timed out for Tuesday into Thursday next week out there and hopefully the deserts get some rain from this as well.

Here is the EURO thought…this it total moisture…and there will be a nice atmospheric river set-up into the NW US this weekend helping them out too.

That will be the system that we monitor towards next weekend.

The Sierras will be getting snow from this storm as well…that will happen Wednesday and Thursday it appears next week

The Deep south which continues to be in a nasty drought…will be getting some nice rains too. This is from moisture that is streaming into our region today. We’re just getting the mid and upper level cloud cover from it, but the deep south and southeast needs some rain in a big way.

Take a look at the latest drought monitor down there…

That darker red color is the worst of the drought…exceptional drought conditions. As a matter of fact…Louisiana is 73% covered in that drought category and MS is 43% covered by that worst drought category.

Extreme drought is also prevalent out down there as well.

One state that has no drought conditions right now…is California. Everything that happened earlier this year has eradicated the drought and that’s the 1st time they’ve been totally drought free in over 3 years…most (not all) of the reservoirs are doing pretty good heading into their new “wet” season

This next system next week should help out a bit as well.

Again we’ll see how much we get from it. It’s just too early to say with any strong confidence obviously but I do think this can be something beneficial for us towards NEXT weekend. That will be about 3 weeks of dryness before that system gets here so it would be welcome if it pans out.

That will do it for today…odds are no blog tomorrow with such quiet weather around. The feature photo comes from Wes Lindquist