Another windy day will happen as we finish off the work week in KC. Yesterday we saw numerous wind gusts of 35-40 MPH and today the winds should be close to yesterday although there will be clouds coming into the region as the day moves along.

They’re clearly on the satellite picture this morning to the west and northwest of the Metro as I type this…so give it time. There may even be a random sprinkle somewhere out there too.

The main focus of this blog will be the colder weather coming early next week. It will certainly catch your attention and the likelihood of an earlier than average freeze for the Metro is high with this…and some areas in the outlying regions may drop to near 20°!



Today: Increasing clouds, windy and mild with highs in the lower to mid 70s

Tonight: Variable clouds…lows near 40°

Tomorrow: Partly cloudy and nice with highs in the 70° range…not as much wind

Sunday: Same with highs in the mid 60s. Should be great for the Chiefs game



Very dry surface air has been a thing around here for the last few days. Yesterday the dew points were down into the mid teens and with temperatures in the mid 60s that allowed the relative humidity values to tank to around 15%. That is unusually dry air for us and was actually drier than many locations in the Desert SW which doesn’t happen all that often unless they are experiencing rain and we aren’t.

So the air mass is very dry, needless to say and today, despite the clouds arriving, the stronger winds will again have the lower part of the atmosphere all stirred up and that again will create very dry near allowing the dew points to crash lower and humidity values to plummet.

This morning there is a cold front across the northern Plains that will move through this evening The chillier air with this front will not be that significant for us though (this time). Ahead of the front we have a classic downslope component to the winds. This happens when the air from the western Plains descends into the eastern Plains.

Remember the elevation out towards the Goodland area is close to 3700 feet…while the elevation locally is under 1000 feet. That air then moves “down the slope” and as it does so it compresses and heats up. This action also dries out the air as well…hence the bone dry air mass that we are seeing.

We’d likely have temperatures today closer to 80° if it wasn’t for the clouds that will be moving into the region blocking out the sunshine as the day moves along. Speaking of the clouds…

The cold front that is in the northern Plains is interesting in so far as combined with a few other things…is helping to create snow(!) up towards WI/MN. I’ve highlighted the areas reporting snow.

Here is the weather map…

Look at Duluth this morning!

So the season’s are changing!

They’re about to get a jolt here as well.

A stronger cold front will move into the region early Monday. That will send temperatures above the surface down and at the surface down too! The chillier air mass will actually come in two stages…one very early Monday and the other on Tuesday.

Highs on Tuesday may remain in the 40s…and lows Tuesday and Wednesday morning may well end up in the mid to upper 20s. So a light freeze is likely and a harder freeze for some is very likely in the outlying areas especially.

Yet all of this happens with little hope of much rain. Again there may be a few sprinkles out there today…but the next decent rain chance holds off till the later part of the month, perhaps some 10 days out or so.

The fall colors have been impacted by the drought are the trees are favoring more of a brownish hue this season it seems. There are still some great colors happening, and the maples will put on their usual show…but compared to last year…the colors are much farther along already.

Remember last year, it seemed as though the leaves hung on all the way into November…and I remember talking about this even towards late November on the air. This year…not going to happen I don’t think.

You can see the color difference even from space. Take a look a this satellite picture comparison between mid October this year and last year.

As the line wipes to the RIGHT, this years image comes into view.

Notice the increase in the browns this year in the terrain compared to last year at about this timeframe. Also the fields because of the drought are certainly browner as well.

Speaking of which…if you’re wondering where all the rain is, well the northeast just got a bunch of rain…and over the weekend…Texas will too as will OK tomorrow night into Sunday morning. 100% of OK is in a moderate to exceptional drought…so this is wonderful news for them at least.

It will change here…at some point.

The feature photo comes from @BlueSpringsWx via twitter.