We enjoyed some late September or even October type weather these last few days, thanks to a seasonably strong cold front that moved through the region on Saturday. The rain was certainly welcome although it wasn’t nearly enough in the big picture of things.

Amounts were in the 1/10-1/2″ range for many which what was expected. With another mostly dry week ahead for the region…perhaps waiting till the weekend for our next chance…that moisture will get used up quickly by the growing grass and fauna out there.

The pattern overall is showing some small signals of fall down the road…but at least this week will again be summer around here…we’re still about a week away from the official start of fall in KC. This week we may nudge 90° a couple of days.



Today: Sunny and pleasant with highs in the lower 80s

Tonight: Fair and cool with lows in the 50s

Tomorrow: Warmer with highs in the mid 80s

Wednesday: Hotter with highs in the mid to upper 80s



There isn’t a lot of weather locally to talk about this week. A dry and slowly warming air mass will be expanding through the Plains over the coming days. There aren’t too many signs of any appreciable moisture locally for around a week or so.

There are a couple of things to watch for the weekend but overall when I see this…

5 day average temperature anomalies for the 15th to the 20th

You can bet you bottom dollar it’s going to be toasty.

There will be increasing winds as well with this building heat later in the week.

The EURO is showing a bit more of a substantial, return to average or below type front, coming our way in about 8-10 days or so. Before that though we’ve likely got another run towards 90-95° coming.

I don’t think we’ll get any records with this heat…but we may get close…especially if we continue to dry out the land again. Here are some of the record highs for the back half of the month.

There will be wind too as mentioned above and that could help the cause of getting even hotter. The muggies may not return though till early next week so the air will remain pretty dry overall and that means some cooler mornings to go with the hotter afternoons.


More storms affected the SW part of the country yesterday and last night. Still dealing with some moisture and affects from what was Hurricane Kay. Today Flash Flood Watches are up for parts of the southwest US.

Areas in green are under flash flood watches and warnings

Speaking of which…Chicago had themselves quite the storm, as did many parts of central and southern WI yesterday.

Here are some of the totals…

Back to the west…the worst of the heat out there has backed off…but last week was quite the week before the moisture from Kay changed things…take a look at all the records that were changed.

In other tidbits…for those who watch the radar carefully you may notice that our local radar, from the NWS in Pleasant Hill will be offline for about 10-14 days or so. It’s about to get some needed maintenance and some updates as it will be relied upon for years to come. Here is an explanation about what it going to be happening to the radar down there this week

This is typically the most active week for the tropics…but this week overall will be a quiet one it appears. There are a couple of disturbances to watch for

They are likely days away from doing anything

Speaking of tropics…it has been toasty from a heat index standpoint in southern FL lately…check this out from Miami…

Finally today…a look back at some weather history.

The feature photo comes from Matthew Reinschmidt of a rain cleansed atmosphere from yesterday.

Next blog either Wednesday or Thursday.