KANSAS CITY, Mo.. — The snow came… and the snow went. Not much really in the end, as was expected in the metro. Dusting here and there, couple of tenths here and there. Lots of wind everywhere.

Interestingly, because of the strong dynamics of the system, there were some thundersnows down south of the area towards Linn/Bates County and out towards the Lake of the Ozarks region. Cole Camp had about 2 inches, and farther east into Morgan County, Stover had 5 inches of snow.

It was an impressive storm in the atmosphere, but it just wasn’t in the cards for us locally. So it goes in our winter of snow discontent for snow lovers.

With that said, there are signs (they’re down the road) of some indications that at least a somewhat more favorable setup or two may try to establish itself for the last third of the month. At least it should be getting colder for more than a couple of days.


Kansas City Forecast:

Today: Generally cloudy with little change in temperatures. Blustery with readings near 32 degrees for most of the day give or take a couple of degrees. Gusty winds will make it feel colder all day long too.

Tonight: Clouds may hang tough until just before daybreak tomorrow. Temperatures should remain in the 20s.

Tomorrow: More sunshine and seasonable with highs in the upper 30s.

Saturday: Partly cloudy, breezy and milder with highs well into the 40s to near 50 degrees.

Sunday: Variable clouds with windy conditions. Warmer with highs well into the 50s.


Weather around the U.S.

Got to admit, these snows aren’t doing much for me. A dribble here or there is getting old for someone who wants just a couple of decent snows to get his meteorological desire for the winter over with so we can move onto spring.

Hey, how about this. There has been so much snow out in Mammoth Mountain, California, they’re now up to 328 inches at the Lodge this season and over 440 inches at the top of the summit. That’s impressive and another 4-7 feet are coming over the coming week or so.

This is all sort of related to what’s been happening here. An active and strong series of storms out west for the last couple of weeks has flooded most of the U.S. with milder weather. When it changes out there, it will change here. That change is starting to show up in about 7-10 days or so as the jet stream starts realigning itself for the first time, in a significant way, in the last few weeks or so.

For us, this active pattern has brought really mild air through the Plains. It’s our fourth-warmest start to the year locally.

Take a look at how the temperatures east of the Rockies have been doing this month. These are the average temperatures in relation to average

How do these numbers rank in historical perspective?

A lot of top fives in there and in Texas a lot of warmest-ever starts. Granted this is for the first 11 days of the month, but still pretty impressive way to kick off the new year I’d say.

Out in California, the heavy rains and mountain snows are going to be very beneficial to many of the reservoirs out there as they are filling up. They certainly need a break though, and while a day here or there may be dry, they’re not yet done with these flows of moisture and storminess.

Again this will turn into FEET of snow in the higher elevations.

The reservoir situation is doing better, some approaching average, which is a change from many of the past years.

There is a lot of water in the snows in the mountains as well. So much so, because of the heavy and wet nature of the snows that if the snow stopped today, they would have the average for the entire year already (through April 1). That bodes well for runoff over the coming six months or so.

Cold temperatures return to KC

For us, yes it’s colder. It’s actually feeling like January today. The morning weather map shows strong north winds bring in (or as we say in the weather world advecting) colder air down the Missouri River valley.

9 a.m. surface map. Temperatures are in red.

There are 20s upstream and there are a LOT of clouds out there as well as the morning visible satellite picture shows.

So it’s going to be tough to see much sunshine today.

Our next system of consequence in the parade of systems is due in on Monday, mainly in the early morning with rain likely. Probably about six hours worth, and if there were a few thunderstorms involved, I wouldn’t be shocked.

Another system comes sometime Wednesday into Thursday with front side rains again. Questionable backside snows early Thursday. There may be another system on its heels for the end of the week next week.

That is sort of interesting because the system on Wednesday/Thursday will tug in some colder air. With the following system potentially coming in so quickly, there may be some cold air around for it it work with to some extent. Both will need to be watched a bit more because dare I say there is some potential for something “real” to happen. May not be huge, but it may be more than the meh dustings we’re getting now.

Basically the last 10 day of the month are showing more favorable indicators of sticking snows. Whether we can get the right atmospheric setups in that window remains to be seen, but at least there should be some colder air to work with.

As this unfolds and the jet stream realigns, the conveyor belt of storms affecting California will come to an end. It’s all tied together.

The feature photo is a pretty one from @ALttleCrayCray.