It’s another breezy and warm start to the day in KC. Temperatures this morning are in the upper 70s already as I type this. Our morning low was a balmy 74°. That’s actually above our average high temperature for today’s date.

Yesterday while we missed out on tying a record high by 1° we did in fact break a record. It was a record warm low temperature. The low was only 77° yesterday…not only that but that was the 2nd warmest low for ALL of May.

That’s pretty impressive.

Today (so far) the low has been 74°. The record warm low is 73° set in 1956. This too is very much on the table today.

This is impressive heat in the middle of the country and elsewhere too. Records were hit across northern Michigan as well yesterday. So it’s expansive.



Today: Variable high clouds this morning with partly cloudy and hazy conditions this afternoon. Highs near 90°. The record is 92 set in 1962

Tonight: Fair and warm with lows in the lower 70s

Tomorrow: About the same…lower 90s. The record is 93° set in 1962

Friday: Shower/Storm chances increase but likely not an all day rain. There will be more clouds around though and that should help reduce temperatures a bit…low to mid 80s.



I really don’t have a lot to write about today…as the dry weather continues…with some pretty beefy dew points adding to the mugginess out there.

The heat indices have been in the 95-100° range during the middle of the afternoon…we should be on the lower end of that range today with perhaps a tiny reduction in the dew points. Also the winds today may not be as consistent as they have been lately.

The clouds that are out there this morning, mostly higher and thin, are debris from big thunderstorms that were raging across western TX yesterday evening and last night. I showed them to you on the newscasts and mentioned that we’d see the clouds this morning.

IF you look closely there is a twist to the clouds out across central KS…that is referred to as a mesoscale vortex. Generated from the storms. Sometimes IF one of these comes into the region and the atmosphere is conducive, it can create storms on it’s own…but today won’t be that day locally.

An interesting feature and one that we’ll see numerous times this upcoming summer as we get into more favorable patterns for this.

Over the next few days…record to near record heat is likely in many areas of the central part of the country and spreading towards the Northeast as well.

Today’s near record/record potential



As a matter of fact records may be set into early next week on the hot side…in the morning low department and the afternoon high department.

But what about the potential of record lows anywhere. Well there may be some…out in the western US. Tomorrow there may be some near record and record lows out towards CA.

So when does this come to an end?

Friday will be the 1st chance as a weak front enters the region. There should at least be more clouds generated from this…and there may be some fading showers/storms in the region as well.

Those pockets of rain cooled air will be acted on by the heating of the day…and as a result of boundaries in the area…may serve as focus mechanisms for additional storms to fire in the PM hours…perhaps with some locally heavy rains as well.

Right now it appears Saturday will be warm too but not as hot or humid…mid 80s are doable it appears.

Then on Sunday the question is whether or not a disturbance will come down from NE/KS and move towards the area with rain with it. I think the potential is there for something to happen…perhaps not real heavy…but at least something…odds favor the 1st part of the day for this.

Right now there are no overwhelming signals for severe storms around here. Watching Friday just in case there are some stronger storms with additional heating and various areas of focus around the area…perhaps some wind/hail risks later in the day…I’ve wondered about this all week though.

Just nothing really organized at this point down the road. Perhaps something next weekend more noteworthy but we’ll see about that.

A reminder that we are in the wettest time of the year over the next few weeks…May and June are the two wettest months…so it doesn’t take much to get something going.

The feature photo is from Allen Hickman up in northern MO of a candy cane sky with some haze to start the day.