As I start this blog…there is a combination of rain and snow falling outside. Today isn’t a pretty day…with blustery conditions and off and on rain and perhaps a few snowflakes mixed in expected this morning…with off and on rain this afternoon as a slow moving system crawls through the region.

This will bother us through tomorrow…although we may see more snow overnight…and eventually it will start to move away later in the day as our skies clear out tomorrow night.

It could be worse as thousands have been impacted in the deep south by tornadoes…including the states of LA/MS/AL and even NW FL. The 9th ward of New Orleans was particularly hit last night by a strong area very vulnerable to weather destruction and an area that has only slowly been recovering from Katrina back in 2005 and even to some degree hurricane Ida this past August.



Today: Off and on rain and mixed in flakes. No accumulations are expected. Cold and blustery with continued NNW winds gusting to 25+ MPH. Highs only in the upper 30s or so.

Tonight: Additional rain with perhaps more snow this time. Steady temperatures in the mid 30s. There may be a bit of a dusting on grassy surfaces overnight. Blustery conditions.

Tomorrow: Any snow or rain comes to an end in the morning the mainly cloudy. Less wind in the afternoon with highs late in the day in the lower 40s

Friday: Sunny and milder…really seasonable. Highs in the upper 50s. Windy conditions developing as well.



This storm is still affecting the weather locally. it’s in no hurry to leave…and our weather is suffering because of it.

Today isn’t pretty…tomorrow won’t be either as moisture and various disturbances wrap around the storm and affect the weather around here. The satellite pictures show this well…just a lot of moisture rotating around our upper level storm that’s spinning through eastern MO. There are other various disturbances, sort of like spokes on a bicycle wheel, that are rotating around this upper level storm. Depending on where those “spokes” go…our precipitation chances will ebb and flow.

There is another “spoke” up into NW IA.

Look closely…see it? Look for the little “curly q”

This will rotate through tonight an with it comes more precipitation…perhaps some light snow. Since the atmosphere is cold enough just barely above the surface to support snow and since temperatures this morning at the surface are allowing at least some flakes to make it to the ground…it won’t take much for some snow to fall in a more consistent way compared to this morning.

At this point no accumulations are expected. With that said IF it does come down decent enough tonight there could be a patch or two on grassy surfaces or exposed surfaces that do have some minor accumulation.

This system will linger into tomorrow morning before finally pulling far enough away to allow clearing skies to in tomorrow night.

The weekend forecast though isn’t going to be as warm as hoped. I had a feeling yesterday it would be colder on Sunday and the data continues to point in that direction. There may also be some rain out there too. Another shot of cool air is coming into the area on Saturday…we should still be in the 50s…but on Sunday there may be a fight brewing between the cooler air around KC and the warmer air building in the southern Plains. This fight may create a lot of clouds in the area and even a small chance of some rain nearby. Overall expect me to lower temperatures quite a bit in the evening forecast for Sunday as I alluded too.

There were more tornadoes yesterday in the deep south.

Mississippi was the center of the action but last night New Orleans and NW FL also got into the act.

Lots of videos coming from the 9th ward area…

Tornado video

Tornado video

Probably the best video of it

This video was interesting as a cruise ship was on it’s way nearby.

This shows the approximate path of the tornado…

This area…or nearby was hit by an EF3 tornado back in 2017

This region has been hot before….going back some 100+ years of tornado records via Tornado Archive

New Orleans Tornado history from 1880-2019

We remember this area being flooded by Katrina in 2005. Some don’t remember though that this area was pummeled by winds in 2021 from Hurricane Ida

There has been a lot of rebuilding happening there…but when a tornado comes and you tell people go to the basement but you can’t because basements don’t really exist there because of a variety of reasons…that is problematic. Folks hadn’t really recovered totally from Katrina or Ida…and yet here comes a powerful tornado.

Survey teams are looking at the destruction today…odds favor this being at least an EF2…we’ll see how much stronger from there.

Here is some drone video of the tornado damage from this morning.

The feature photo is from Tedd Scofield