KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s a muggy start for the region with clouds more common south of Interstate 70 while north of I-70, there is more sunshine. A front is draped in the heart of the metro this morning and areas towards northern Missouri are seeing a bit of a humidity break to start the day. From Kansas City south though, it’s pretty thick out there and I’m not expected a lot of change for today.

Overnight there were some good to big rains south of the I-70 corridor with some 3-plus-inch totals south of U.S. 50 towards the Lake of the Ozarks region. Olathe, Kansas, had about 1/2 inch or so. Some heavier amounts were in southern Johnson County, Kansas, and southern Jackson County, Missouri.

Aside from perhaps a VERY isolated cell this afternoon, the next chance of rain may wait until later Sunday night or Monday. We should get some relief from the summer heat for a few days next week.


Kansas City Forecast:

Today: More sunshine north and variable clouds south. Temperatures near 90 degrees with muggy conditions and light winds. There may be a very isolated late afternoon storm south of I-70.

Tonight: Some fog is possible be mostly clear and seasonable with lows near 70 degrees.

Tomorrow: A bit hotter, highs in the lower 90s.

The weekend: Hot and humid. Breezy as well on Saturday. Highs in the mid-90s, perhaps a bit hotter. Heat indices between 100-105 degrees. There may be some evening showers/storms Sunday.



Let’s start with the overnight rains.

Once again the Edgerton, Kansas station with close to 1 inch. They’ve been the jackpot over the last month or so.

Overnight the heaviest rains were towards the Lake of the Ozarks region… over 5 inches too!

And this morning western parts of the St. Louis metro area are getting heavy rains again. They were really very dry for the first part of summer, and in the 10 days or so, they’ve had so much rain that they are now climbing into the top five of all-time wettest summers.

And that’s with less than 2 inches of rain for the month of June! Impressive.

The latest drought monitor came out showing some minor overall improvements in the coverage of drought.

The D1-D4 territory dropped a couple of percent.

The monitor is showing still severe drought conditions near and south of the I-70 corridor. This area did see some rain overnight and has seen some additional (mostly lighter) rains in the last week or so.

This next map is through yesterday and shows OK amounts of rain with heavier totals relative to average a bit to their south.

Southern Missouri is still in a world of hurt though.

Farther south, the raging heat roars on… so many 100-plus-degree days in Texas. If you want to see a drought unfold before your very eyes, look at this satellite comparison between late April and Tuesday. The brown is the dry terrain.

The next map shows over the last 90 days of time the rain compared to average based on a percent. So 100% would be “average” rain, 20% would be 20% of average.

Those brown to red areas aren’t good.

Our weather here will feature hotter days for the weekend. Good pool weekend ahead with dew points into the 70s, so very muggy conditions expected.

There will be a cold front Sunday night it appears and that should bring with it additional rain chances and yes, some real relief from the higher heat and higher humidity levels of recent days. There is an increasing chance of perhaps some morning lows in the 60-degree range and highs only in the mid-80s, so let’s be patient.

Finally, this shot from an altitude of the clouds and the smoke layer from a couple of days ago. This is from Eric Vander Linden.