KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A slow-moving developing storm system will be a thorn in our side over the coming several days as its influence on our weather will continue through Thursday. The rain started earlier this morning and we’re going to be in and out of it for a couple of days. More IN it today and more OUT of it Wednesday and Thursday, but never totally out of it.

That means temperatures will be tricky as any significant break in the rain, if there are breaks in the clouds, could allow a 5-plus degree pop in the temperatures. Regardless though, it’s going to remain below average around here into Thursday before we start to moderate into the holiday weekend, which still looks warm, breezy and dry at this point.


Kansas City forecast:

Today: Rainy at times and cool with temperatures only in the 50s to near 60 degrees. Breezy as well

Tonight: There should be some additional rains, but then we’ll likely get dry slotted. Steady temperatures in the 50s to near 60 degrees.

Tomorrow: Cloudy skies with occasional showers possible. This is one of those days where we could pop well into the 60s.

Thursday: May be the coolest day of the week as the storm moves away and leaves a residual pocket of rain-cooled air. Highs may only be in the 50s.



Not the prettiest start to the day, with a lot of rain, nothing too heavy thus far, in the region.

I mentioned last night that areas farther east of Kansas City were going to be struggling for awhile today to get the rain to happen, of any consequence and so far that seems to be happening.


This slow-moving, upper-level system that’s developing will be hanging around over the coming days.

You can see it clearly in the upper-level maps at around 18,000 feet. As I mentioned yesterday, if this was a winter scenario, we’d be sweating the changeover to snow, and then how much snow we’d get.

For timing 18Z is 1 p.m., 0Z is 7 p.m., 6Z is 1 a.m., and 12Z is 7 a.m.

We’re still looking at a decent 1-2 inches of rain around the area, with heavier amounts of 2-4 inches possible towards the west and northwest of the metro.

Here is the EURO idea:

Total rain through Friday

GFS is more or less similar.

The rain amounts in Kansas are interesting because of the developing to fully developed drought that is continuing towards central and especially western Kansas per the latest drought monitor.

The wheat crop out there is in pretty desperate shape and this rain may be a big factor in getting the crop through the season. There were some fields though in southwest Kansas that never really had a chance with the dry weather leading up to this system.

Overall though, some farmers will likely be happy with this system in the end.

Rain amounts so far:

The rain risks continue into Thursday. We might some some late clearing Thursday, but if the system slows down much more that may not happen until Thursday night.

And through it all, our severe weather risk is very low through the holiday weekend and into a good part of next week as well based on the data today.

Yesterday there were a handful of tornadoes combined in South Carolina and western Texas. Today the threats, mostly for wind and some hail, are down in central and western Texas.

OK that’s a wrap for the day. Overall good napping weather.

Sheila Jackson has the feature photo of the day.