The forecast is working out well this morning with showers and storms moving through the region a few hours faster than yesterday’s timing, which is what I was expecting for today.

The rain that is out there won’t last for that long and should wind down a few hours faster than yesterday as well. That means drier weather I think for the afternoon.

The repeated disturbances and the rain cooled air masses they’ve been leaving behind have helped to take the edge off the heat these last 2 and soon to be 3 days (today).

These will help to keep the strongest heat towards the south of the area today. That means again today we should see highs in the 80s as opposed to the 90s IF there wasn’t the rain around.

Tomorrow afternoon though we may not be as lucky. It will be a brief incursion though as cooler and more comfortable air comes in for the back half of the weekend and early next week.



Today: Showers/storms departing this morning then drier and warmer this afternoon with highs approaching 85°. A bit breezy as well this afternoon

Tonight: Some scattered early morning showers/storms are possible but nothing too organized at this point. Lows should be in the mid 70s

Tomorrow: IF there are any showers they should wind down faster in the mid morning hours…hotter with highs in the upper 80s to mid 90s from north to south. Could be a few degrees hotter farther south of KC. A cold front will be moving through and areas on the south side may see some storms before 9PM.

Sunday: Morning rain and storms are possible…then lots of clouds and cooler and drier conditions expected in the PM. Highs in the mid to upper 70s!



Let’s start with radar to show where the rain is and where it’s going.

As I type this there is a pretty beefy storm moving through the northside of the Metro.

It will take a few hours for all of this to work through the region this morning. The effect of all this though is suppressing the hotter air to the south of the area…denoted by areas south of the red line in the map below. The temperatures are in red by the way.

A mostly E/SE flow of air today will keep the hottest air to the south of the region.

Tonight the winds should be more from the south and that will tug that hotter air mass farther towards us.

Then tomorrow that hotter air mass will be around through mid afternoon. A cold front with the cooler air lagging behind it a bit will move through in the afternoon.

Dew points may actually be in the mid 70s tomorrow and with temperatures in the 90°+ range…it should be pretty miserable, especially on the south side of the Metro where is could be about 5° hotter.

The drier air starts to ooze into the region tomorrow night BUT there will still be the risk of showers/storms into early Sunday.

Then Sunday will be noticeably different with lower dew points (like in the 50s) and cooler air and clouds moving through the region. A much more comfortable day on tap. The only thing to watch for perhaps might be some areas of light rain from the Metro southwards. Still not convinced on that prospect though right now.

Next week overall looks to be pretty dry…and while it will be comfortable to start the week…it will get hotter towards the middle and end of the week. 90s are coming back and we’ll finish the month on a hit note. We’ve already had 14 days with highs of 90° or higher…we’re adding more later next week.

Also important to note that while the monsoonal flow will sort of break down in the eastern Plains for awhile next week…it may return later in the week.

So once again we may be subject to occasional bouts of showers and storms later next week so we’ll see if that too could temper the hottest weather a bit heading into next weekend (holiday weekend).

The feature photo is from Kaden up toward the Liberty area…with a nice shelf cloud this morning