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Well so much for the spring air that we’ve enjoyed for the last couple of days. Yesterday we maxed out at 72°…pretty impressive considering all the clouds that were filtering out the sunshine al day long. The winds never really cranked up too much…an occasional gust here and there but that was about it.

The winds actually got going in the evening yesterday as temperatures briefly dropped into the lower 60s after sunset then went back up with the stronger south winds gusting to 25 MPH. We had a 12AM high of 65° but are dropping now.

Today the strong north winds are gusting to 30-40 MPH this morning…and it’s going to be a struggle to go up today…with the clouds around and the cooler air flowing into the area.



Today: Variable clouds. blustery and chillier (back to average) with highs around 50-55°

Tonight: Clearing out and colder with lows in the mid 20s and lighter winds

Tomorrow: Partly cloudy and cool with highs well into the 40s

Friday: Windy and cool with highs near 50° or so.



So the front has barreled through the area, passing KCI at around 3AM and Olathe at around 4:15 am judging by the winds shifting towards the north or northwest.

8:50 AM surface map

The front is moving towards the I-44 corridor as I start this blog. The map above shows the fronts position. The temperatures are in RED. Notice the near 70° weather towards AR and the 30s and 40s in NE. This is really just seasonable air moving into the region today. With the stronger winds though…it will certainly feel a lot chillier than yesterday.

We’re now running over 2° above average for the month. That will come down a bit over the next few days.

Nothing too exciting for the next 4 days or so. We’ll moderate the temperatures heading towards the weekend and see another cold front come through on Sunday. Perhaps a double front where the 1st one shifts the winds and the second brings in the chilly air towards evening at the end of the weekend. Overall though the weekend looks good with 50s expected.

The next cold shot arrives later Sunday night…so Monday is a chilly one…probably only around 40° or so. Then we go back up to some extent before Thanksgiving before dropping again on Thanksgiving or thereabouts.

The flow overall though is a fast one…sort of typical of what we see in La Nina. Repeated cool shots…with repeated fast moderations are likely for the rest of the month…and overall a rather dry flow as well. It may not be totally dry…and this is a typically dry time of the month anyway heading into December but what little moisture we get will likely be rather minor.

The precipitation anomalies are pretty strong…and on the downside. The chart below shows the total precipitation off the EURO model through the 1st of December. The GFS has a bit more connected to something on the last few days of the month.

At this point there are no signs of any strong systems affecting the region. No big storms…nothing really aside from fast moving cold fronts sweeping into and through the area. Obviously this can change.

This isn’t great news for snow wanters though.

We may get nothing for the rest of the month. Actually many areas of the Plains may see nothing.

Speaking of that…Denver is about to break a record for the latest start to the snow season it appears. Although there were some flurries around there this morning…I don’t think anything “official” was recorded.

So if they go through the 21st without snow…4 more days…they will tie the record for the latest accumulating snow.

Couple of clean-up things…there was quite the tornado outbreak in the northeast and New England a few days ago…

6 tornadoes on Long Island…wow! For any time of the year that is unheard of…for November that is crazy. Granted nothing stronger than an EF1 but EF1 tornadoes in that part of the country are really unusual too…especially southern NY.

The feature photo comes from Matthew Reinschmidt


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