KANSAS CITY, Mo. — After that crazy football game last night (my goodness that was crazy), the weather is doing its version of ups and downs today and for the next few days.

A series of cold fronts will be moving through the region and with the fronts we turn much colder. Then the cold leaves and we moderate almost as quickly.

With this setup though, and the placement of Kansas City in the line of these rapid changes, we still struggle to get any appreciable moisture around these parts. This may continue for the next 7-10 days or so. There is something perhaps towards the middle of next week that might be something to pay attention to.

Also it appears the weather for Sunday’s AFC Championship game will be very pleasant for late January with temperatures well into the 40s and perhaps near 50!



Today: Lots of clouds and mild temperatures. We’re starting in the 40s (very mild), but should get to the near 55 degrees today before the colder air moves into the region this afternoon. This will send temperatures down into the lower 20s by midnight with wind chills in the single digits.

Tonight: Clearing out and cold. Lows by daybreak down to near 10 degrees.

Tomorrow: Cold but sunny with highs in the lower 20s.

Wednesday: Morning lows in the single digits with afternoon highs back to near 32 degrees with mostly sunny skies.



So many changes, so little moisture.

Since the middle of November, this is the ninth-driest time span through today’s date.

And with no moisture of significance expected at this point for the rest of the month, here is where we may stand after the 1st of February.

By the way: Back in 2003 (the No. 1 year), we ended up with only around 23 inches of moisture that year.

There are some signs of moisture next week. What form it takes remains to be seen. The EURO has something going on the 1st. The GFS waits a few more days.

These rapid temperature changes aren’t conducive to getting moisture into the region. Things just happen too quickly. Prolonged south winds don’t establish themselves long enough to drag up moisture, and the fronts plow through the region with barely any low clouds behind the front (that is one of the unusual things about this winter).

Also of note: For what feels like the umteenth time this winter, once again last night the temperatures were actually warmer than it was during the day. So very weird. It was mostly in the 40s all night. The high for yesterday occurred at 11:59 PM.

Our cold front will sweep through the area this afternoon.

So we should warm up (despite the clouds) through mid-day then start dropping. The map above shows the front near Interstate 80 and the numbers in red show the temperatures.

Note how they drop into the single digits to near zero up there.

This cold air is significant, but with such a fast flow, it will bottom out early Wednesday morning and then retreat after that as temperatures moderate again for the end of the week. You can see that in the temperatures just above the surface over the coming 48 hours. They are in degrees Celsius, so remember zero Celsius is 32 degrees Fahrenheit and minus 10 degrees C is 18 degrees F.

So the cold air plummets in, then retreats to some extent.

That leaves us with something like this near noon:

Near midnight:

And then near daybreak:

Wind chills will be closer to zero in the morning

As mentioned with all this going on, no rain or snow of significance.

This is for the rest of the month

It’s possible that the cold highs tomorrow may be the coldest day we see for awhile as things start to change over the coming 10 days or so. Look at what the EURO is doing:

Notice how we start seeing a reduction of the dips that have characterized our weather for the last few weeks. This is because we’re going to be switching the flow to some extent heading into next week.

The persistent eastern trough (dip in the jet stream) allowing us to remain in a mostly northwest flow aloft, to a more of a western trough placing us in more of a southwest flow aloft, and that should open the door to moisture. That evolves towards early February.

The feature photo is from Dr. James Gai.

So many great sunset shots taken yesterday. It was an omen perhaps!