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It’s a new week…and the weather is settling down and slowly going to warm up as the week moves along. We’re not likely to see much, if any rain, for awhile and that means later in the week, perhaps earlier for some, it might be time to drag around the sprinklers again.

Temperatures will be the bigger story of the week We’ve been below average for highs for while again…and this will likely reverse some later in the week and with seasonable dew points…the heat index will likely get close to 100°.



Today: Mostly sunny and seasonable with highs in the mid to upper 80s

Tonight: Fair and calm with lows in the mid to upper 60s

Tomorrow: Same

Wednesday: Same

Thursday-Friday: Highs approach 90



Well with the calmer weather now and a lack of rain coming…it appears that there might not be too many blogs this week. There really isn’t a lot going on at this point.

When I see GFS ensemble runs like this…showing total rain for the next couple of weeks…

or EURO runs like this…with most “members” generally dry till the end of next week.

It means we’re going to be slowly baking out the soil a bit again. We can’t complain too much. Were now coming into the hottest time of the year…through the 1st week of April…and we didn’t get close to 90° this past weekend.

So far only two days with highs 90+ this month…and it may be a few more days before we get there again. By the way the record is 0 days at 90°+ in July…back in 1891

We’ve had 2…we’ll add more to the before the end of the month though.

The latest 6-10 day forecasts are below…temperatures 1st…bad news for the upper Midwest drought plagued regions.

and rain…

The monsoon has been active in AZ and NM lately…that may continue for a awhile. Overall though…it’s hot and dry looking for our region.

Not a lot of cooling in the 8-14 day outlook either.

Meanwhile there continues to be a lot of wildfire smoke in the atmosphere these days…it’s almost now a daily situation. I just don’t remember this smoke being so prevalent day in and day out around these parts so often. It’s been a growing issue in my opinion for the last few years at least.

A lot of the smoke is coming from fires burning in the ID/WA/MT region this year. This is a result of the overall weather pattern…bringing them the extreme heat and leaving us in the variable NNW/NW flows aloft.

So in a sense the two things, dry disastrous heat out west and smoke in our skies are all connected. The situation in Canada ahs also gotten a lot of smoke our way as well.

As of yesterday…per the National Interagency Fire Center

I believe the biggest fire areas burning now is the Bootleg fire in OR…almost 300,000 acres burned. Another current large on is the Snake River Complex fire burning south of Lewiston, ID. 103,000+ acres going.

So with things on fire…and all the smoke in the atmosphere…it’s moving around.

Here is one of the models showing the amount of smoke out there late this afternoon.

OK that’s about all I can think of for now…infrequent blogs this week with the calm weather likely.

The feature photo is from Dan Michalek up in the the northland

Jul 17