KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Well to say it’s been soggy would be an understatement. Last night the torrential rains were a bit more focused toward areas that sort of had missed out on the heaviest of the rains, down toward Warrensburg and Sedalia in Missouri (2-4-plus inches).

With that said, there were still 1-plus inch totals in the metro as this whole pattern continues to produce rain.

We’re not done yet. Additional rains are coming this afternoon and early this evening although this time the rain will be not as torrential. It will be quicker to end and by 10 p.m. we should be drying out in the area.

There is more rain showing up though, heading toward the weekend and potentially early next week. This isn’t a dry pattern by any stretch and we may have quite a bit of rain over the first 10 days of the month at least. All this means that any extreme heat will be held in check for the region, although at some point this is going to turn into a lot of steam heat in the area.


Kansas City Forecast:

Today: Clouds this morning, then rain and a few storms arrive this afternoon. Highs will be in the upper 60s to near 70 before dropping with the rain moving through.

Tonight: The rain comes to an end this evening then cloudy skies with some clearing by daybreak. Lows in the 50s.

Tomorrow and Friday: Nice with highs 75-80 degrees.



It’s a new month and a new season! Let’s start with what was a wet and mild month of May. We ended up with 8.46 inches of rain. That was about 3 1/4 inches above average for the month. It was the 14th-wettest May in Kansas City weather history going back to the 1880s.

Interesting to note that this is the fourth May in the top 15 Mays, since 2010 with these heavy amounts.

For what we refer to as meteorological spring (April through the end of May), this was the 13th wettest.

We did finish the month 1.9 degrees above average for temperatures and for the spring, about average really, just barely in the top half.

It’s a new month and we’re still dealing with more rain.

Last night the biggest onslaught of rain happened towards the southeast of the metro as I expected. Rain amounts over 4 inches may have fell in parts of Pettis County, Missouri.

For the metro we averaged more in the 1/3rd to 1 1/4″ range.

KCI ended yesterday with almost 3 inches of rain making it the 83rd wettest day in Kansas City weather history, not including ties.

So here comes more rain. This will be coming up from the west and southwest.

I’m not expecting this to have the ferocity of the previous bouts of rain in the region these last couple of days. Just adding a bit more to the overall totals. No severe weather is expected in the area with this as well.

Cooler air behind the front is actually moving through the area today. Our official high for the day may have already happened, 70 degrees earlier this morning after midnight. It may not get that warm, or if it does it will likely be around lunchtime or so before the next wave comes into the area.

8 a.m. surface map

Again this wave coming in will add to the totals but it won’t be a crazy amount. It will runoff though since the soils are really saturated with the exception of northwest Missouri. Latest short range guidance indicates odds favoring less than 1/2 inch or so, perhaps less than 1/4 inch for many areas.

We will get a two-plus day break from the rain and start to dry out a bit heading into the weekend.

After that though, rain chances never really go too far away. We will be into northwest flow above us, which in June can turn wet on us as well. With that type of flow, heat builds in the southern Plains and disturbances are generated in the western Plains and Rockies, which come towards the area.

These disturbances can create areas of rain and storms. Sometimes they move southwest of the area, sometimes they come right towards us, sometimes they weaken as they do so.

The flow forecast shows this potential, but since the disturbances won’t even develop for several days from now, it’s fool’s gold to try and break down the precision of rain areas. But there does appear to be one coming into the area on Saturday which should create areas of rain in the region again.

There isn’t a tremendous signal for rain Sunday, but I don’t trust this flow pattern and the models may just not be seeing a future disturbance coming towards us. There are indications that this type of pattern will continue for the first 10-14 days of the month.

The bottom line is that it’s going to rain, and rain some more for the next couple of weeks.

With this scenario, it’s tough to really get hot aside from a day here or there with any consistency. So it’s not a surprise that the data is trending below average for temperatures over the coming 10-plus days.

Mary Jo Seever has the feature photo of the day… from the other day. Some mammatus clouds making an appearance.