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Hope you had a good 4th of July. It’s been a seasonably warm last few days in the area with a gentle breeze every so often. Temperatures have been 88° almost consistently at KCI…and give or take a couple of degrees that should continue today and tomorrow.

The next chance of rain arrives later Wednesday or Wednesday night. As a fading area of rain slides towards the KC region. Not sure how well it will be holding together when it gets here…but at least the chance will be with us.

What’s interesting about the forecast I think is a real lack of high heat locally. Nothing out of the ordinary is expected for awhile…a nasty heat wave will be building across the western states again…not as far north as the last one though…and the Midwest will see seasonable conditions it appears.



Today: Sunny and seasonable with highs in the upper 80s

Tonight: Fair and seasonable with lows in the upper 70s

Tomorrow: About the same

Wednesday: Extra clouds with some showers/storms possible later in the day or in the evening. Highs in the low 80s.



Interesting late last night to see all the reports of smoke and haze showing up at the various airports around the region. From the north side to the south side…it was common to see haze and restricted visibilities being reported. Here is KCI.

Even as I start this blog at 8AM…the indicators are in the yellow zone as the worst of the air is actually around St Joe this morning.

Not to unusual for this time of the year though with all the fireworks displays.

We have a relatively light wind regime in place…and that allows inversions to set up later in the night.

The “cooler” air near the surface beneath the “warmer” air just above the surface traps the pollutants/smoke underneath and as a result you get the haze to form.

It should break-up as the sun heats the surface this morning and the inversion fades away.

Last night on radar you could see the smoke start showing up too!

So there’s that.

This week will feature talk of an incoming tropical storm named Elsa. This is mainly a Florida and SE US issue. Heavy rains are the main concerns. Elsa has sort of leveled off after weakening below hurricane status a couple of days ago.

Winds of at least 39 MPH are possible up and down the FL coast, especially western FL.

The heaviest rains appear to be along the western coast of FL.

Right now the forecasts are for Elsa to remain below hurricane strength as it moves through the eastern Gulf Of Mexico. We’ll have to watch for surprises on this one to be on the safe side though. Storms in the eastern Gulf that are moving towards the NNE can sort of tighten up on you.

Tropical Storm Warnings are also in effect for the Keys.

Here’s radar from Key West, FL

and the satellite

It won’t really affect our weather locally though.

Meanwhile we’ll be watching a cold front slide towards the area on Wednesday. The front on Tuesday afternoon will be up in Nebraska…then it moves towards our area Wednesday morning. Whatever rains the front brings with it look to be breaking up a bit as they approach the KC area on Wednesday so the overall coverage may be lacking a bit with the rain totals as well. NW MO may do better on this one than KC will.

With that said the off and on rain chances and the clouds should drop the temperatures more towards the low to mid 80s for the day. By then the grass will need a drink of water anyway.

Another chance of rain comes our way later Friday night into Saturday it appears…so at least we have some chances coming. Temperatures, though won’t be too extreme locally. More or less near average it appears. Perhaps a bit below average over the weekend.

Overall not too bad really considering today is Aphelion Day!

Here are the 5-10 day temperature anomalies…note the heat in the western US and the coolness in TX. It’s been pretty wet in western Texas these last few weeks.

Now from day 10-15…

Warmer west and east with not too bad conditions in our area really.

That’s a pretty acceptable way to get through the middle of July.

Have a great holiday. The feature photo comes from Bob Johnson from the KC Airshow.