Pretty short overall blog today with tidbits. Once again another day with record tying to breaking highs likely. Just incredible as this will be the 10th day this month with highs at least 60° or higher and we’re not done with that. Sunday and Tuesday are likely in the 60s as well. The record for any December is 14 If I remember…

We actually may sneak in a 70°. IF that happens that would be 3 this month. That has never happened before. There is a small chance on Tuesday too. Crazy.

Meanwhile it’s getting drier and drier.



Today: Breezy and mild with filtered sunshine. Highs 65-70°. The record is 66° set in 1893 and tied in 1955

Tonight: Variable clouds…Santa may need the windshield wipers as he approaches KC later tonight. A few showers are possible…especially north of the Metro. Lows drop into the upper 30s

Christmas Day: Turning sunny but remaining mild…highs in the low to mid 50s

Sunday: Another surge of warmth with perhaps a few scattered showers around. Highs again back into the 60s and it will be breezy for the game as well. Lots of clouds.



We just seem to be playing the same record over and over again. Warmth. Dryness. No snow.

The 1st 23 days this month are the 8th warmest so far.

Today will boost us a bit higher because we dropped last night but immediately started to come back up towards 12AM…and the average temperature today alone will be in the mid to upper 50s…the overage for today is around 30°…so today alone we’ll be at least 25° above average. Just crazy really.

Look at this…we’re not alone.

Temperature anomalies
All that dark red represents 6-10° above average temperatures for the month

We’re 8.8° above average through yesterday.

There is a cold front coming this evening…

But like we’ve seen time after time…the colder air will remain north of the area for the most part. Yes tomorrow won’t be near 70° but we’re still well into the 50s…it’s another cold front that comes through and the day after we’re still above average. Crazy.

Behind the front there may be some showers developing…from KC northwards…at least a chance of some brief overnight rains while Santa is flying around the area. It shouldn’t be too much though.

Then in Sunday the front tonight…stalls and retreats northwards. That brings the same warmth towards us again…with a lot of clouds though. We may see some drizzle or light showers around but it would only be a few hundredths of an inch tops it appears. The bigger thing on Sunday will be the return of the warmth again…with an outside chance of seeing another record high which is 66° in 2008.

Today will be the 10th day this month with highs 60° or above. Sunday will likely be the 11th day.

Then we do everything again on Tuesday after a front moves through Sunday night. It returns back north on Tuesday and again we surge back into the warmer air again (perhaps our best chance of some showers/storms). This should be our 12th day with highs in the 60s this month.

It is not out of the question that we have a 12AM high on Monday…perhaps around 60°.

We will get some modified and brief arctic air to move in on Wednesday. It appears it will last about 2 days…but Wednesday and Thursday look chilly. Wednesday may struggle to 32° in the afternoon.

We need to watch for some thunderstorms on Tuesday depending on how things play out.

Another weird thing…we’ve yet to have a high temperature 32° or below so far. This is unusual.

The record latest is January 17th…the bottom of the following image.

The earliest this could happen in Wednesday the 29th (maybe). IF it doesn’t happen then…another smaller chance is on the 1st…if it doesn’t happen there…then we may be waiting even longer…that’s crazy.

As for snow…nothing great showing up. The GFS is hinting around something on the 1st or 2nd. The EURO has something passing south of here on the 3rd. For the models it’s always 10 days out…10 days out…10 days out. I’m not too excited about anything regarding snow at this point.

Which will bring this into play from the NWS in Pleasant Hill.

We should move into the Top 6 if nothing else for the latest 1st accumulating snow.

We’re not alone either…

Snow totals in Kansas since 10/1
Snow totals in Missouri

and so it goes…

Next blog is Monday I think…have a Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays and we’ll see you again next week on the blog. The feature photo is from Sheila Jackson.

On Monday I may dive more into the late snow arrivals and what that means for the winter overall