It’s not often I do an afternoon weekend blog for you…I’m going old school. Many may remember the afternoon weekend blogs when I was on the weekend shift…so it’s nice to be writing this with my eyes fully open and not bleary looking at the morning data.

The snow is winding down…there were some snow jackpots out there (Liberty) but overall this was a pretty decent 2-4+” system…more 3s and 4s it seems and overall well forecasted for. Sort of surprised by a the locations of some of the high side totals but overall all got at least 2″ worth. Totals for reports in the discussion.



Tonight: Clouds may hang tough for awhile overnight…some clearing possible at daybreak (maybe). The clouds will keep the temperatures from dropping off too much though. Readings down to around 15° or so with winds dropping off

Tomorrow: Turning partly cloudy and chilly but better overall. The trick is the air wants to warm up but the snowcover will refrigerate it. Let’s shoot for highs in the lower to mid 30s. The game should have temperatures near 32° or so. Not a ton of wind.

Monday (MLK Day): Not too bad…not as cold with highs in the mid to upper 30s



Our storm system is moving away from the area this afternoon. This will turn into a big weather maker for the eastern 1/3rd of the country tonight and tomorrow. Lots of issues from snow/ice to rain and wind likely from the coast and inland. You can see the storm in the water vapor loop moving through the southern US

Here is a close up…

The storm did have a few tricks up its sleeve for us…1) was the faster than expected switch from rain to snow. This happened between 9 and 11PM or so…I was thinking a 2-3 hours later. This faster switch…allowed the totals to trend to the higher side of the forecast and perhaps for some add 1″ extra.

I’m not going to get too disappointed though about that. I mentioned on the air as this was happening that the final numbers would be edging higher and that there would be some 5s showing up possibly for some areas. The impacts though were overall perfectly timed. Roads got progressively worse pre-dawn as the temperatures were falling…and everything that was melting overnight on the roads…in time turned to slush…then covered slush…then frozen stuff with snow on top. I think again it’s a stressor about how important RANGE is in the accumulation forecasts. It’s there usually for a reason. Here are the numbers in so far today.

Overall this week appears dry with a rather strong push of cold air coming on Wednesday into Friday morning before we moderate again. Tuesday would be a day where 60° could happen BUT If there is too much residual snow that won’t happen but we could sneak into the 50s if we can melt enough snow, especially SW of KC.

Temperatures will be dropping Wednesday…and may struggle through the teen on Thursday with cold weather likely into Friday as well (not as cold but cold). IF things work out for the Chiefs we may be in good shape for Sunday (assuming we play next Sunday ;) ).

A final note…if you haven’t heard there was a major volcanic eruption in the Tonga Islands last night. It happened around 10PM our time.

First geography…where are the Tonga Islands. They’re in the Southern Hemisphere

About 6600 miles from KC as the crow flies.

First let’s look from the sea…this is an area of the world that is very active with volcanic activity.

“Between water vapor, lightning and pyroclastic flows, this was the nightmare that was experienced in the vicinity of the #HungaTongaHungaHaapai volcano after its gigantic eruption yesterday.”

Now for some geology…as the Pacific Plate slides under the Australian Plate…it creates earthquakes (comon out there) and this helps to

As the Pacific Plate sinks underneath the Australian Plate it brings water and various minerals (this is all happening at and beneath the Ocean floor there for the most part). When the Pacific Plate sinks the plate heats up and there is melting happening to the rocks thanks to the water properties. That creates magma and that magma rises and rises towards the surface and can explode…like we saw last night.

From space this was an unbelievable scene being played out because there are weather satellites taking images every one minute…so it looked like this.

and this…

and this!

This massive explosion…created as huge pressure wave…that made it across the world…including KC! I detected in the air pressure data a every so slight pressure increase/decrease as it moved through around 8AM or so…there were more extreme examples through the country…but for us the pressure was rising behind the storm’s departure so it was sort of “masked” in that data.

There was also a massive sound wave that was heard as far away as Alaska…

When something this incredibly big happens…it was an undersea volcano exploding…it creates a tsunami that traveled through the Pacific Ocean.

This is what that looked like in Tonga

and California…

In addition to all this…the eruption and the rising ash and everything else…generates lightning…

So it’s a blog dedicated to meteorology with a detour into geology and volcanolgy!