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As we get ready to finish the month…it will end up being a month with above average temperatures and below average rains.

The storms from yesterday concentrated mostly on the southern 1/3rd of the Metro…some totals over 2″…and affected what happened elsewhere…all the way up towards northern MO as a matter of fact.

Now things are settling down…and actually some nice late summer weather is settling in with lower dew points meaning more comfortable afternoons especially for the rest of the week.

The rain chances are not zero heading into holiday weekend…but they don’t look overly high. Something may sneak into parts of the region but widespread rain isn’t expected at this point for awhile.



Today: Mostly sunny and pleasant with highs in the mid 80s

Tonight: Clear and cooler with lows in the 60° range

Tomorrow: Same

Thursday: Same…perhaps upper 80s though.



This may be the last blog for a couple of days…truly nothing to write about as another period of dry weather is coming for many parts of the area.

Yesterday was an interesting afternoon. Storms were ongoing in the late morning towards southern MO. Those storms sent an outflow boundary (essentially a mini cold front) from the south to the north into the heat that was building in the Metro. Toward early afternoon new storms fired up and were slow moving across the southern sections of the Metro.

CoCoRAHS data shows the heaviest rains yesterday

And StormWatch pinpoints southern JOCO KS

Once you got to about 143rd Street though in JOCO…it really faded.

Those storms produced some localized flooding into Cass County.

They also helped to generate a new outflow that pushed through the Metro from south to north sending temperatures down from the 90° range to the lower 70s.

That stabilized the air for the evening. The outflow continued northwards towards 36 highway in northern MO. New, strong storms formed up there and then when the outflow hit the storms they briefly popped even stronger then has they moved south into the rain cooled air…sucked in the lower instability because of the cooler temperatures…they petered out rather quickly.

Hence the north side didn’t get much at all last night…aside from some isolated activity that developed towards the late newscasts.

A sort of unique reason why we missed out on the best rains from what was a ripe set-up for thunderstorms to dump heavy rains for more of the area.

Now we’re down to not much else for awhile.

Drier dew points are moving into the region today. The front itself has shoved towards the Gulf area…and the lower dew points…the 60° and 50° dew points are pressing southwards as well. So we’re in better shape regarding the “mugginess” to the air for awhile.

There will be a few weak fronts sliding through the Plains into the holiday weekend. There will be a couple of weak waves aloft as well…and sometimes what develops in Nebraska, given the right conditions can make a run towards the region in scattered form at least…so that’s worth following as well heading into the weekend.

It can be tough to get a no rain forecast for an entire holiday weekend here over the summer…so we’ll see if adjustments are needed.

Elsewhere…not much. Tropics are still mundane. There are two disturbances that have potential to do something but neither are likely to affect the USA at this point.

If the red area outlined can come together as Danielle…it’s roughly 8-9 days away or so from any potential impacts…although Bermuda could come into play.

OK that’s it for today…next blog comes in a few days as the weather dictates.

The feature photo is from @KansasHoops. It was a foggy start in some areas this morning