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Today is the last part day of summer. Fall arrives at around 2:20 this afternoon. It will be wonderful out there thanks to a seasonably strong cold front that moved through the area on Monday. Light winds…loads of sunshine…dry air. Nice!

The issue that is slowly developing…and yes some areas got some big rain on Monday with the storms…is the dry weather developing. Many areas had less than 1/2″ or so…and the data today is not good for rain for the rest of the month and into next month (at least the 1at week). There may be a few showers or something but right now (and obviously it could change)…there’s nothing to exciting coming our way.

That will happen during this time of the year…in my opinion the best weather weeks go from now through the middle of October…and so far so good.



Today: Sunny with highs in the lower 70s

Tonight: Crisp with lows in the mid-upper 40s

Tomorrow: Same…mid 70s

Friday: Same near 80° although it will be a bit breezier.



Our morning low was at least 47°, perhaps a bit lower. That’s the coolest we’ve been since May 30th and IF we were 46° it would be the coolest since May 13th! Nice out there for sure.

i want to double back to the rain and storms from Monday afternoon. Amounts varied in the Metro from a few hundredths to nearly 1″ or so.

The storms were on the move so that cut down the amounts somewhat. There were some areas SE/E of the Metro that did get better totals…over 2″ too.

So why am I bringing this up? Well things are getting drier in areas…especially NW of I-35. The data off both the EURO and GFS today isn’t great for rain.

Here is the EURO for the next 12+ days from the overnight data showing total rain.

and the GFS for the next 15+ days

Not exciting.

There may be some minor looks at some rain chances but there aren’t any real decent signs of any major systems coming for the rest of the month.

The temperatures will likely be a bit all over the place for awhile. Cool at times and sometimes rather late “summery”. Dew points though will likely remain on the lower side of things for the next week or so, if not more. That means things dry out even quicker despite a lowering of the sun angle as we continue our march towards winter. We’re also losing about 3 minutes per day as well.

So IF you got some good moisture the other day…you’re lucky because there is a lot of dry weather coming up.

So with all that said I’ve been watching other things happening around the hemisphere.

  • We’ve had more tropical activity. A couple of named storms that have weakened and another (soon to be Sam) that will likely turn into a threat for the northern Caribbean.
  • There is a fascinating volcano that has erupted out in the Canary Islands.

The fires out west continue…although not to the extreme as before. This video though is pretty scary.

So far 5.7 million acres have burned

OK that’s about it for today and the week. No weather means the blogs will be more random until something interesting shows up.

The feature photo is from Ben…and his marvelous drone.


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