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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Another almost 1″ of rain overnight up at KCI, and that now sends us above average for the month of June. Weird right? Yesterday alone there were some 5-7 inch totals south of the Metro. Today there are additional showers/storms rumbling around on either side of the Interstate 35 corridor.

There will be breaks in the rain, but today and tomorrow will be tough days to plan on doing anything outside. It should improve as Thursday moves along, and the weekend at this point looks pretty good with lower humidity and pleasant for July standards air.

Meanwhile the heat was breaking all sorts of records yesterday in the Pacific Northwest and western Canada although the worse is over it appears for the bigger cities as some marine air has moved in and dropped their temperatures. The western part of Canada though will continue to sizzle.



Today: Clouds and rainy at times. Brief heavy downpours are possible. Highs in the upper 70s to near 80°.

Tonight: Occasional showers, lows near 70.

Tomorrow: Same.

Thursday: Improving in the afternoon especially although there might still be a few showers around in the morning. Highs 80-85°.



Another day, but roughly the same type of weather in the area with the same reasons setting up. A stalled boundary waffling around with occasional weak disturbances setting off areas of rain. Whether coming up from the southwest or from the south. A moisture-loaded atmosphere continues, so locally heavy rains are an issue.

The heaviest rains yesterday were a couple of counties south of the Metro towards southern Miami County as well as parts of Linn County in Kansas and Bates County in Missouri.

There are some 7-inch indicators mixed in with those areas.

A loaded-with-moisture atmosphere is one of the many contributors to this heavy rain. This morning that hasn’t changed at all.

There is roughly 2 inches of moisture in the bottom 20,000 feet of the atmosphere that’s available to be converted to rain (and that is a lot for us). It’s actually more of a tropical atmosphere.

So that moisture is sitting in the atmosphere and ready to be converted to rain, and that has been happening every so often for the last few days. There have been lulls too, and there will be again today and tomorrow.

You can see the soon-to-be-drying trend from a precipitable water standpoint as the thickest water gets shoved southwards.

There is a little slug of moisture on Friday afternoon that I wonder may be able to generate some scattered storms in the region. I may need to insert some scattered storms in the afternoon and early evening in tonight’s update. Not set in stone because there will be a cap out there.

Aside from that, most of the holiday weekend looks pretty good,

Meanwhile in the western U.S… wow!

First the good news about what happened last night. The marine push of air moved in. It was a dramatic drop: about 20° in the early evening and it kept going down.

But what a day yesterday. All-time records that were broken on Sunday were re-broken on Monday.

Keep in mind, Portland, Oregon now has been hotter than Oklahoma City, Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin, Texas. They were 1° away from tying the all-time high in Las Vegas!

Then there is Canada. Another national high.

And they weren’t alone.

It could actually be hotter today up in Canada (British Columbia)

There were also some record highs in the northeast part of the country too. Mid-to-upper 90s were common there as well. It’s 92° already in Boston at 10 a.m. eastern.

Finally, Danny formed yesterday and came through parts of the southeast U.S. A weak tropical storm in a season thus far of weak tropical systems, but it is the fourth named storm and we’re not even to July yet.

Danny indeed did come together from the blob of clouds.

There are a couple of other systems out in the Atlantic being monitored.

So a lot happening in the world of weather. Mark Henning down towards Holden, Missouri sent this photo from the other day.