School Day at the ‘K’ Quiz Questions

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FOX 4 and the Kansas City Royals host the Emmy Award winning, world record setting School Day at the ‘K’ every year. This year School Day at the ‘K’ will be held Thursday, May 17, 2012!

Study these quiz questions because FOX 4 meteorologists will ask them during the show — and they’ll be picking students from the crowd to answer. If students answer correctly, they’ll win a prize!

So study hard and good luck!

1.) The main question tornado chasers today are trying to answer is, how do tornadoes:
a.      Start
b.      Get so big
c.      End

2.) In an average year, how many EF5 tornadoes are there?
a.   0 to1
b.  1 to 3
c.   3 to 6

3.) How many states did not report tornadoes last year?
a.   10
b.   5
c.   2

4.) The first tornado of 2011 happened this many minutes after the year began?
a.    1 minute
b.    3 minutes
c.    5 minutes

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