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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Since the holidays are here, you’ll be spending more time in the home with the family, so why not make it more comfy and enjoyable for everyone with these gift ideas.

Obvus solutions minder laptop tower stand |
Now let’s start off if you have college kids home for the holidays, they’re probably going to cozy up on the couch with their laptops to do a bit of homework – so this minder laptop tower stand from Obvus would be great to have around the house. It was voted best laptop stand in 2021 by Health and Wired magazine. And allows for easy laptop positioning either sitting or standing and it’s light weight at only 4 pounds.

Espro french press p7 |
And with family members coming in town for Christmas, make sure they have what they need to wake up for a warm cup of coffee. Espro this beautiful p7 french press that is their top-of-the-line model made with 100% stainless steel. It contains an insulated wall for ultimate heat keeping. Plus, it looks just as good as it performs.

Espro coffee tasting cup set |
You might need to update your coffee mug selection, so to go along with the french press here is this cute tasting cup set from Esporo. It is designed to amplify your coffee tasting experience. This coffee tasting cup bundle complete with a gorgeous tray allows you to select the cup to match the flavors you want to experience in your roast. It allows for variety and encourages you to explore the unique flavors of your favorite brew!

Uoni v980plus robot vacuum cleaner |
Now to make your life easier during the holidays and free up your time from mundane chores to give you more time for those precious moments – here with the Uoni Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner. This is actually a 3 in 1 robot vacuum that vacuums, mops and sweeps. Its intelligent technology helps the robot vacuum while navigating through obstacles and helps the device understands where objects are around it. So it will avoid table and chair legs, instead of bumping against it and rerouting making your life easy and freeing up more time for you and the family.