KANSAS CITY, Mo – Christmas spirit is in the air with holiday lights, trees, and decorations adorning your homes. You’ve probably put nicely wrapped presents under the tree, but don’t forget about your stockings! Here are fun ideas to help you stuff your stockings sensationally.

Christmas Morning Crystal Candle

The “Christmas Morning” candle was created to capture the true spirit of the holidays. The unique combination of natural and essential oils, genuine crystals, flowers, and herbs symbolize connection, celebration, and love. You’ll love the winter scents which include Cinnamon, Clove, Cypress, and Orange. You can save the crystals when the candle is done burning and remember this holiday season forever.

Ivy Alexander Purse Hooks

Ivy Alexander is a luxury accessories brand creating luxury products with purpose. Their signature lavish purse hook is the perfect gift for the accessory lover in your life. Choose from 5 different hooks to pick from in a variety of colors. It’s lightweight and compact so you can easily carry it around with you. The anti-slip matte designs allow handbags of most sizes and weights to hang from the table-top.

Pura Smart Home Fragrance

When picking out the perfect gift, you can never go wrong with the good-smelling gift of home fragrances. Pura Smart Home Fragrance plugs into any US-based outlet and uses Bluetooth technology to connect to an accompanying app that lets users control the scent strength and intensity. You can even switch between two scents! The company has its own signature line of scents, as well as others made in collaboration with brands like Disney, Kenneth Cole, Anthropologie, and more.

LipLove Makeup

Makeup that lasts is what you’ll get with LipLove Makeup. LipLove is a vegan beauty company that specializes in easy to use, multipurpose beauty products. Their signature product is 4-in-1 makeup that can be worn as lip color, highlight, blush and eye shimmer. LipLove makes it easy to feel put together even in the midst of an on the go/busy lifestyle.

No7 Beauty

When it comes to skincare, No7 Beauty is where to turn. Since 1935, No7 has focused on delivering brilliant beauty solutions which help women to look and feel their best every day with products that can be relied on to really work, fit into women’s lifestyles and be a pleasure to use. This holiday season, discover No7’s Lift & Luminate Triple Action collection with this 3-piece skincare system that features clinically proven Triple Action Serum designed to target uneven skin tone, wrinkles & lack of firmness.

Set includes:   

  • No7 Lift & Luminate Triple Action Serum (1.0 oz)  
  • No7 Lift & Luminate Triple Action Day Cream (1.6 oz)  
  • No7 Lift & Luminate Triple Action Night Cream (1.6oz) 

Avocado Tea

Have your tea lover friends tried avocado tea yet? If they haven’t, consider giving Avocado Leaf Tea from Avocado Tea Co. Avocado Leaf Tea is made from upcycled Avocado Leaf Tree trimmings. It’s unique, delicious, and extraordinarily healthy. Tea can be a perfect gift for all ages. Have a fun tea party theme gift for a child or a natural wellness tea for an aging adult. 

How To Pack: Travel Smart for Any Trip

How To Pack is the ultimate guide for those who tend to overpack, those packing for their families, those who are constantly jumping from place to place, and those who just need a bit of advice when it comes to a suitcase. After all, the journey is just as important as the destination—and packing is the first step! This book offers the precise formula to finish off your outfits, tips on folding versus rolling, steps to avoid “I’m forgetting something” syndrome, sample lists for any kind of trip, and much more. The perfect size to stuff in a stocking and take with you on your trip.

Happy Nuts Gift Box

Take care of your man with grooming products with Happy Nuts and ‘The Perfect Package Gift Box.’ It contains Nuts Comfort Crea, Ball Deodorant, and Man Slab Natural. All products are all-natural and biodegradable, 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and made with all safe ingredients making your man feel comfortable in any situation.

Move Insoles Featuring NBA All-Stars Damian Lillard and Chris Paul

Move Insoles was created out of a need for superior comfort and greater foot support for athletes.  Using the most advanced podiatry technology available for professional athletes, Move Insoles successfully brings that knowledge to consumers.  Move is great for the person looking to improve their performance, prevent injury and recover quickly from a game or workout. 

Flex NBA

Flex NBA, the world’s first augmented-reality trading card game for pro sports is here! Here’s how it works – Flex NBA is a turn-based, collectible trading card game that combines traditional gaming with video gaming using augmented reality along with 3D and 4K technology. But rather than using the cheap and flimsy cards that other trading card games use, Flex NBA is played with hand-drawn collectible “Flexagon” tiles that feature the NBA’s top stars and are encased in acrylic and 9x thicker than a traditional gaming card. And each also comes with its own unique barcode so that players can actually register their Flexagons in the blockchain. There’s also an AR viewer that’s been built into the Flex NBA app and with it, players can place the Flexagons under the camera on their smartphone or tablet and the Flexagons will come to life in both 3D and 4K animation and video.