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KANSAS CITY, MO. – Want to maximize your health in the new year? Doctor Megan Schlick from AdventHealth is sharing some simple ways to set yourself up to succeed at your New Year’s resolutions. Plus, she shares how AdventHealth’s Culinary Genomics Program is helping patients identify the health issues that could be holding them back.

Schlick emphasizes the need to start small when it comes to New Years Resolutions. Instead of resolving to lose weight, try cutting back on snacking, or drinking more water.

One of those small changes could be checking out the Culinary Genomics Program at AdventHealth‘s Whole Health Institute. It’s a test which examines your genomics to identify what could be causing issues to your health. Those genetic snips can sometimes be turned on or off based on modifications to diet.

This program sets people up to understand what variations they have and what they can do about it.” Schlick said. “It involves hands on cooking. Lots of education. And our goal is that that education is motivating to help our patients make big changes in their diet and lifestyle.”

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