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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Coughing, sneezing, scratchy throats and even plugged ears are all signs of allergies. These symptoms can radically invade our immune systems during the winter months. That’s because outdoor allergens don’t stay outside. We bring them into our homes. AdventHealth Shawnee Mission shares a few ways to clear them out.

  1. Focus on the bedroom. The average American spends 36 years of their life in bed. You’ll get the biggest results if you keep this room as allergy-proof as possible.
  2. Vacuum, dust, and wipe down walls under the bed, ceiling fans, etc.
  3. Look for water damage. This could mean mold. Take it very seriously.
  4. No smoking in the house.
  5. No pets in the bedroom. Keep the bedroom door closed.
  6. Wash bedding twice a week with hot water.
  7. Try an allergy cover for your pillow.
  8. Minimize decorative pillows and stuffed animals on the bed.
  9. Rinse off your body (head to toe) and put on clean PJs before getting in your nice clean bed.

You can learn more tips in the video player above.

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